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Hey, @nickkroll nickkroll is #puberme #puertoricorelief still happening? If so, I'm in. 7th grade, dyed black hair, tiny sunglasses, and probably bondage pants. This is back when I carried stolen disposable cameras everywhere and took them to Longs to get developed. I stole the developed photos too because I was a scamming little baby goth. .
Help us support #puertorico who still do not have electricity and DT ain't doin shit to help.
It's been one year since you were taken away from so many people that love you 💔🥀
Portland... traffic.... traffic... portland... *screams internally* 😓
Just being my regular graceful self at a fancy pants studio party. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #gIrLsWiThTaTtoOs
When "relationship goals" are sitting right across from you on the uptown 2 train. 😭 @subwaycreatures
A little over Two years ago I visited @mertzphoto and stayed at his Brooklyn apartment shortly after meeting him on Tinder. He built a fort with white lights and it was the sweetest thing ever. A little over two years later I'm living in that Brooklyn apartment and couldn't be happier (unless the apartment was a log cabin in the woods 😛). Point being...Never give up on Tinder... never 🔥 #tindersuccessstory
Here's to the end of summer and all the winter feelings to come... keep laughing through it where ya can. 🖤