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zchamu 9h ago
Devastated. He was the best of us.
zchamu 3d ago
Moo. First #zentangle in a while. Forgot how engrossing it is.
zchamu 4d ago
Things I Did Instead Of Getting Mad At Twitter All Day #art #creation #zentangle
zchamu 5d ago
It's not really "before" or "after", it's sort of "halfway there" but it's going to be fantastic. #renos #mudroom @allanchandondesign #organization #finally
zchamu 5d ago
Not everyone is on board with #womenboycotttwitter. I respect that. For me, I'm just tired. I'm tired of seeing the daily stream of bullshit buzz past my eyes. I'm tired of calling out Jack and Biz only to have them post photos of their Silicon Valley family hikes and ignore us. I'm tired of spending my days wading in that cesspool because I feel like the world is such a mess I have no other choice. It's ok to take a break. It's necessary. And if, while we're gone, someone realizes that they miss the voices that aren't there today and it makes them fight a little harder to make Twitter and everywhere a better place, then that is good. Me, I'm out here, watching the fog clear.
zchamu 1w ago
Hang on til the very end and you'll see one little guy make it
zchamu 1w ago
Kittysat for a friend this weekend and would you look at that face. So much work! So little appreciation! #catsofinstagram #catstagram #cats
zchamu 1w ago
Assembly begins. Not pictured: Butterball. With added butter. #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #turkey #food #nom
zchamu 1w ago
When you run to manage your brain instead of just your body, the harder you run the better your brain gets but then the worse your body gets. So it becomes a dance: rest the body to heal from whatever atrocity you did to it but then the brain starts to go snaky so you go on the run to fix your head til your body says LOL NO. You run some, you walk some. But it all worked out ok because I got a mind-altering sweat going, and I got pictures of #niceleaves.
zchamu 2w ago
Today, man. Today. Some days are hard to bear. #tompetty
zchamu 3w ago
When it's 29 with a 35 humidex on September 24, you 1. sit on the patio and 2. order all the water.