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Last clients of the day and the week! Time to go home, turn the fire on, and pour a couple of drams after a very wet and windy walk..... Wishing everyone a great Saturday night! 💈 😊 🥃 #barbershop #barberlife #lifeisgood
Favourite place to be at the end of the day and my favourite person to be, there, and everywhere. ❤️ #homesweethome #myfavourite #growingoldtogether #lifeisgood
Today marks exactly 25 years since Farzad left Iran to begin the challenging journey which would ultimately take him to Vancouver, Canada. It seems only fitting to raise a glass with a rare and special 25-year-old dram of this limited release single malt scotch. Pittyvaich was a Speyside distillery built in 1975 and closed only 18 years later in 1993, and this is bottle 5246 out of a total of 5922 bottles produced... Thank you so much to our client, Jacob, for this beautiful gift! 🙏🙏🙏 Cheers, everyone!! 🥃 #thehappybarber #twentyfiveyears #cheers #thejourneycontinues
Throwback to last month in São Paulo, Brasil with our dear friend, Rodrigo @chiavonerp ! ❤️ 🇧🇷️ #tbt #thehappybarber #brasil #friendsaroundtheworld
Bye bye beard! Stephen @stwawbewy came in to have his 2-year-old beard removed today by @farzadthehappybarber, and in case you're wondering, he asked Farzad not to trim it down first! (He had trimmed it himself before he came in so it was already much shorter than it was previously)! 😉 💈 #byebyebeard #thehappybarber #bladerunner #beardslayer
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Throwback to June of 2013 when we got stranded for two days in Clovis, CA (just outside of Fresno) on our way to @yosemitenps, after we had picked up a large screw in the brand new, day-old rear tire which then led to the very expensive discovery that in fact the entire shaft drive needed to be replaced! Thankfully the great people @herwaldt_motorsports in Fresno were able to get us back on the road ASAP!! 🏍 #traveltuesday #adventuresontheroad #2uptogether #clovisca #thehappytravellers
"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us." ~ Marshall McLuhan 📷 @ibalzad 💈✂️ #toolsofthetrade
RepostBy @farzadthehappybarber: "Why is it that most of today’s barbers are denying their past and we keep hearing “I always wanted to be a barber”, “I was a barber from the day one”, “third generation barber” ........ well from an old person (almost😉) and a barber who had never learned how to cut women’s hair and that wasn’t by choice, (in Iran after the 1979 revolution men were not allowed to cut women’s hair or vice versa) so I became a barber... but let me tell you that it’s actually very nice to be multi-talented. When the old timers look at a barber, the way he/she is talking to a client about what he wants, the way a comb is running through the hair, a pair of scissors, combs and straight razor are being held......... at the end of it all you know that the cut itself is a signature of a talented hairstylist....... so here is the point I want to make: stop calling each other “new barbers” or “old barber” or saying who has been doing it for longer.... barbers never had titles. It is a job and it's a damn good job, it’s about going home every night with two bags of groceries..... There is one thing though: if you want to cut hair like a hairstylist and make money like a barber... well, good luck with that ! (the volume counts and there is a lot more into it). As an old timer we don't call anyone new or old or....... Love it all, just cut people’s hair for god’s sake and go home at the end of the day and have a dram. Cheers! 💈✂️❤️
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