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Downloaded the Gran Turismo Sport beta yesterday. This game has been worth the wait. The photo modes of GT are always a hoot 😬 #granturismosport #beta
Thats a wrap. Another season in the books, time to enjoy Fall and prep for next year.
Breachin beer bottles in style thanks to my Pop who works out at the CTF #20mm
My uploader is is not working hard, and honestly can't be bothered to finish uploading last weekend's MotoFit photos... #catsaredicks group is up, working on blue, then black ;)
MotoCorsa images are all exporting now. Gonna put in an all nighter to get them up by tomorrow, as I am leaving for Pacific Raceways on Thursday. #motocorsa
Full disclosure, I had to composite the sun in (the timing is accurate, but I had to overlay 2 different exposures) and do some piss poor post-pro (30+ hours no sleep cut me some slack...), but we have a partial eclipse, motorcycle, mountain and a shit ton of skydivers. those tiny specks are parachutes.
#tootiredtodophotoshop #eclipsephotosarereallyhard .
#pnw #motolife #riderich #bikelife #photoshop #eclipse2017
Sept is coming. A certain photographer might be bringing a certain cut of meat for the potluck on the 9th 🍖 #motofitgroup