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cole713 281w ago
(yes, I actually have a "head in a bag" series)
  • Nice head in a bag

  • cole713 281w ago

    Thanks--Karen's pretty cool to half-suffocate herself in a plastic bag full of fake blood.

  • Haha cool and maybe a lil crazy. We all need a lil craziness in our lives

  • cole713 281w ago

    @trusk_ haha she'd freely admit to that. We had tons of blood left over from that Halloween & I started squirting it in the bag and said "Uhh, now what the fuck?" It's like we thought the same thing at once & she immediately stuck the bag on her head. After we were done laughing like we were insane, the pictures started.

  • Haha its's like we thought the same thing at once. Obviously blood in a bag screams out; put your head in it lol 2 creepy crazy artistic minds there 😝

  • cole713 281w ago

    That's basically what my Mom said. "Why did you have so much fake blood? What made you think it was a good idea to stick Karen's head in the bag? She's like a doctor--she knows that's bad. Did you ask her to do it?" :P

  • Your mum thinks you're unhinged cole haha

  • cole713 281w ago

    @trusk_ I think that's a fairly accurate assessment of her opinion...but she's cool & knows I got it from her ;D

  • cole713 281w ago

    @jus_de_paradis I'm amazed she was calm enough not to get nervous w/her head in the bag but she's cool like that :P

  • Terrifyingly good

  • cole713 266w ago

    @homicidalbarber Thank you! My friend, @nalaniokalani , is a very good sport--& very brave to risk that crazy feeling of claustrophobia.

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Our daughtercat, Beatrix <AKA BB, AKA Bea, AKA Chzbrrgrr, AKA Tiny Cheese, AKA Tiny One, AKA Monster from the Crevasse>
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Downtown Los Angeles architecture 2017
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you're a slow song
with a darkness creeping
all the while with that
deep bass steeping
everything & everyone
don't wanna listen
but that drop echoes
all our heartbeats
and we keep keeping
wanting to do what we do
which is foremost & honestly to
try not to listen to you
but it's too much and
when you say to move
we move move move
4-15 <dream song beat>

This is from a dream I had. There was a guy w/a gun to his gf's head & I knew if she repeated what I said the right way he wouldn't shoot her. He couldn't see me so I spoke to her very softly. She had to repeat it fast and almost in a whisper without pausing. I woke up or switched dreams right after she said it. I don't know if he shot her, but I felt like she was safe.
cole713 26w ago
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cole713 27w ago
screaming wind over
water carries cold
dirt praying for a
home in tearful eyes
because sometimes
the world
just wants to
make mud
cole713 29w ago
Downtown Los Angeles 2017