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After a long day(visiting a friend at her school, and then swimming...), good night! 

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I am strong. Way stronger than you think, and more than I can imagine.
I'm proud of my butterflies. For some people butterflies simbolize freedom. For me?? It simbolizes my power. My choise. I can choose- knives or butterflies. I choose butterflies. It simbolizes my strengh and power of will. Maybe I have a lot of butterflies, maybe I'm depressed. But I have butterflies, I don't have marks and cuts and scars. I turn the despair and rage into butterflies, and as the butterflies fly away, everything else flies with them. I'm proud of my butterflies. #butterflyproject #butterfly #flyaway #joy #prowed #staystrong #im #stronger #than #this
״כאשר עמיתי הציב את עצמו כמחזר, הציב את עצמו בעמדת נחיתות.״
Quick sketch. It's good to be back! 
It's okay, not everything is broken into pieces. Good night, everybody 
אין אפקט, וזה פנס תאורה- לילה טוב! 