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Love hangin with my baby!

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Tagged by some really beautiful ladies { @stuffhannahdoes @kookookachu_mrsrobinson @namastetiff } to share a picture of myself feeling beautiful for #20beautifulwomenchallenge ❤️It's not everyday I'm feeling up for a selfie but I threw on some lipstick and decided to play along. I thought tagging 20 people was going to be hard but once I got to thinking it was hard to only tag 20 (tagged more in comments). So many beautiful women in my life! Hope you all are feeling beautiful today, because you are!
This girl is becoming a seasoned traveler. Just landed in sunny Arizona!🌞
I love our new sling so much I'm going to post this greasy-mom-hair picture @piercerides snapped of us digging for more lemonade. Totally overgramming! 🙈 #sakurabloomshabd #babywearing #stillmybaby 😍
3 years ago today I was working hard to bring my baby earthside. Labor showed me strength I didn't know I possessed. Giving birth changed me forever, but being a mother changed me even more. I have experienced the lowest of lows and the highest highs. I have always wanted to be a mother, especially to a daughter. And even though motherhood is much harder than I thought it would be, it is still the one thing I am most proud of. I am so beyond grateful to be your momma, Quinlyn Ellery! Happy birthday my baby! 💝✨
Quinny had her THIRD birthday party yesterday! 🎉
This girl is cracking me up today! So much personality. Her daddy taught her how to cross her eyes (more like just one eye!) and it's now her favorite face to make. Thanks @piercerides 😜
Quinlyn's first day of Montessori school! She is so excited!
Soaking up all the vitamin D I can get 🌞 #sunkissed #blackandwhiteselfie for @namastetiff ❤️
Love that tongue-through-the-teeth smile 😋
The faces of 3 people glad to be home 🏡❤️
I wish we could rewind to this moment and replay it over and over. Marry me everyday @piercerides 🙏