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  Posted: May 25, 2012 4:46 PM FEED
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When your best friend is in town, you get rowdy.
'O Canada, whatever the rest of the anthem is....
Huge appreciation post to these goons right here. I couldn't thank them enough for being such astounding friends and influences. My life wouldn't be the same without you guys. Here's to Seasoned Souls and the greatness life will bring us for many years to come.
Thank you to all that made my weekend back home memorable! It wouldn't have been the same without you all. Hope to see you all out in Colorado visiting shortly! Much love and light❤️
Being able to hit @dancefestopia with homies from all around the country for the 6th year in a row was a blessing. Keep killing it in life, I'll see you all soon. Much love nectards.❤️
A little late, but @trailerparkboysofficial at Red Rocks was pretty freaking deeecent! Major props to everyone over at @swearnet. I got front row because I was on crutches (which was incredible) but worst case Ontario, I would've just been up in the middle. Until next time boys✌🏼
Happy MF birthday Findog! Even after running into me at Copper, you're still the homie. Wish I could be there to celebrate. Get buck wild tonight 😛
My ninja @eazy_e19 is finally 21! Happy birthday gangster! Can't wait to see you and shred together soon! Miss you and hope you're killing it in life❤️
Sure am going to miss this goon I call my best friend. Can't wait until we can shred some pow and 5lb waves together. @brendonbentz
Snagged the perfect wagon for Colorado. She's quite the attention whore to be honest.🤤
As I'm sitting in my seat on the plane on my way to my new home in Fort Collins, Colorado, I am now realizing what true friendship and love is. It's been a long and wild ride. I'm going to miss my family and all the homies back home. Without y'all I wouldn't be where I am today. So, thank you for being true to yourselves and me, and playing an epic part in this journey we call life. I'll see you guys on the mountain side. 💙🏔
Special S/O to all of the amazing Seasoned Souls fans out there. You guys mean the world to us. Thanks for all of the love and support. Much love ❤️ @seasonedsoulsofficial
Ya mans @tonyefry is finally 21! Happy birthday you friggin jerry! Don't forget to let the liquor do the thinking tonight.😛😈
COME OUT AUGUST 4TH TO SEE THE BOYS THROW DOWN! 7:45-830 at the VIP Stage! I'll see y'all there 😛@seasonedsoulsofficial
Seasoned Souls dropped a fresh remix yesterday of CID's track Believer featuring @ceelogreen! If you enjoy good music I suggest you check it out on their SoundCloud! The link to the track is posted in my bio! Much love everyone ❤️
FREESTYLE SESSIONS! That was absolutely bonkers. I had the time of my life, from meeting new people, exploring new places, and diving deep into music I've never heard or felt before. Thank you to all who made this experience one of a kind. I'll be back in a week Colorado 😈 @dannykipp
Nectar weekend has officially started😈 I'm not ready for these next three nights.
Fellow ramen squad member came into town from California. Missed you bud, congrats on your engagement. ❤
Despite chipping my tooth, visiting Columbia and seeing these goons made my week a whole lot better. Until next time boys ✌🏻