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I'm drinking with Atsushi from Exile in Hong Kong! I'll be the new member of his group, completely joking!
  • I think you look drunk alrdy. hahaha! xD

  • gedhub 281w ago


  • itsskung 281w ago

    Have a nice trip Yo-san

  • yinguar 281w ago

    Have a nice night:) hope u will like Hong Kong

  • Lol it would be great! If you a new member ! I wanna see you dance!!!! 😁

  • ksta4rd 281w ago


  • Dance! Dance! 

  • ha have fun in hk ~

  • Sweet photo! Enjoy, dear! Have a great time! Love you! I wanna see you dance!!!!

  • Sweet photo! Enjoy, dear! Have a great time! Love you! I wanna see you dance!!!!

  • hahaha!

  • itiskiko 281w ago

    Haha enjoy hong kong night my love!!

  • itiskiko 281w ago

    Haha enjoy hong kong night my love!!

  • Enjoy!! Kanpai. Let's get drunk!! Drink or Die?

  • xzilla 281w ago

    haha love this✌

  • Love to hear that u are enjoying night life in HK~

  • Cheers! So nice to join your table \\^ o ^// , u looks so Happy and Atsushi-sensai looks.... handsome hahaha! Pls. let him know

  • Anyway love you more, please take cares #ThailandLovesYoshiki ♥♥♥

  • かんぱい

  • yong_yee_ 281w ago


  • すごい組み合わせですね(^^)エックスの歌をATSUSHIさんが歌うのを聞いたみたい!

  • gss2046 281w ago

    you wish!

  • お二人の会話聞きたい(*´∇`*)

  • Hahaha cuteeeeeee!

  • Enjoy free time in Hong Kong! I am glad you are enjoying your life! And.. I want to see you dancing!

  • iemnait 281w ago


  • Like your face ww so funny smile *.* I try to have the same ><

  • kk4749q 281w ago

    Where are you yoshiki san?? We wanna dance and chill with you !!

  • kinikuu 281w ago

    Let's enjoy.. and.. Dance.. ^^

  • sg_le 281w ago

    COOL!!! I loved you both! Aaww~~when will i go to HK again?! I wanted to take a pic with Yoshiki-san's wax...:/

  • Hahaha so cute 

  • enapusx 281w ago

    wow! Enjoy in HK! Love you ! X! \(^o^)/🙅❤

  • enapusx 281w ago

    I wanna drink with you! ❤

  • japandahk 281w ago

    I can't wait to see you again tomorrow!! I Fxxin love you!!

  • I want go to HK now!

  • I am watching this

  • @Gackt - talking about you, i just know that u are not like eating coriander(phakchee), its ok me either and its not for eat just for looking colorful!

  • kototsuki 281w ago


  • yabuco 281w ago


  • Also HIZUMI from D'espairsRay said he will be the new member of EXILE www

  • 珍しい組合せ♪

  • jeebpanda 281w ago

    Miss You..คิดถึง..

  • よっちゃん!はっはっは。

  • 45bagel 281w ago


  • YOSHIKI and ATSUSHI Big Love!!! Have fun in Hong Kong!!:) Don't get drunk hahaa

  • ruka1717 281w ago

    Yoshiki help, hongkong is raining!!!

  • Haha or he wanna be a new member of X. I'm joking as well : )

  • i love atsushi and yoshiki >3

  • Hehehehe I want to see you dance!!!

  • rdeekiki 281w ago

    Just kidding..^^;;

  • You and your band is the legend of the world,We are (X)

  • b00_chi 281w ago

    Omg i so wanna be in Hong Kong right now!!

  • db5khana 281w ago


  • keik0desu 280w ago


  • ดูดีตลอดกาล!!!!

  • rarinrin 277w ago

    Happy time for my Vampire cutie .

  • irinchong 272w ago

    My dear Atsushi and yoshiki together in a photo!!

  • when you come back to Thailand kaa ^_^*

  • syanne_s 264w ago

    @qnuy ok this is the 2nd try! Mdh2an nongol yah di stream news engkau nuy... ;)

  • qnuyy_y 264w ago

    naaahh..yg ini nongol hihihi

  • kazue_7 249w ago

    I really ♥ this pic. Everytime I see both of you that makes me happy :)

  • yayoi__88 239w ago


  • winkybuzz 195w ago

    look forward seeing you dance my prince lol

  • yukix1120 170w ago


  • Hahaha....

  • え❔不思議。。。。

  • yu_7486 110w ago


  • 最高です♡

  • at_ako 86w ago

    あっちゃんとのコラボ🎧🎹 聴いてみたいです⑅︎◡̈︎*

  • 💜

  • YOSHIKIさん…亡きHIDEそして【X】⇒敢えてJAPANは付けません。。。私が小学5年生の時に、HIDEちゃん、そしてXに出逢い…私は音楽の世界へ導いて頂けました。本当に、本当に大好きなHIDEちゃん…「イエローハート」を抱きしめているYOSHIKIさんの画像に涙してしまいました。

  • 是非…EXILE ATSUSHIさんとのコラボレーションを…切に願っております。お身体を大切にされて下さい。

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