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Whys it look like my nephew and I are about to drop the hardest mixtape of the year? 🔥🔥@athletics #athethecoliseum #athletics
I won $300 playing blackjack last night in case I didn't tell you. Thanks @jamesrobertley for the meme.
What are you doing Wednesday? You aren't doing anything Wednesday. Lets competitively throw corn bags through a board over some beers at @highwater916
These guys flew hella miles to mess up my house. Go see them tonight to make it all worth it. #makeruinerquitagain
Rest in power to the homie @djwhores. It's always hard to say goodbye to the greats, but is so good to get together in their honor. Thank you for everything. Thank you to everyone I saw yesterday and over the years. Thanks to @jalynncleaver for the photo. #djwhores #djwhoresforever #southsidepark
I've told a lot of people about this picture and here it finally is. Thank you @marionpmcknight for sending me this.
If you got it. Flan it. @leidhra has definitely got it. #part2
Also, roll call for tonight. Who am gonna see there?
I didn't feel compelled to march or gather today. I questioned the effectiveness of reactionary protest. Then I saw this and read that the @nationalparkservice was banned from tweeting for a day for retweeting this. It reminded me that if we don't use our voices, we may lose them. If we don't participate, we can't complain. Props to the peaceful protestors and active participants in civil disobedience.
I'm just jealous 'cause you're young...
This is my dad and I at my graduation in June. I'm posting this today because I just finished my coursework for my BS in Business like an hour ago. It only took a decade off and on.
Yo look at this spread thrown down by @mamas43. Amazing food. Give her biz.
6:35 AM and I've already listened to it three times. #youcanneverbeoneofus
Even though I did...June 17 it's going down. Graduating @drexeluniv and turning 28 all at once. 🙃 "I just pictured things working out differently for me,” sighed Dunbar, who attended the renowned Ivy league institution with a full ride and secured valedictorian status with a 4.0 GPA. “My life is just slipping away.”
Just out here at @medieval_times making my lifelong dreams come true. #mtfan