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It took so much for me this morning not to squeeze them both.
All my love, light and being created by him. I would be nothing without my big brother 💕We have a million more years and lifetimes together forever.
She taught me so many things but most importantly how to love and be free.
How does it feel to come home within yourself?
We ate and laughed until we were bursting at the seams.
My world, my pa. I love you with all my heart, happy birthday.
It was the brightest day yesterday and for a moment, it poured. The cement was smoked and all we did was breathe.
Smothered with vegan donuts and laughs today.
I'm trying to be like Big Brother all summer.
It's hot as hell but we love it.
I hope you get the chance of having @ahintofsunshine in your life, even if it's just for a split second. She'll make all the stars brighter, your waters calmer and life sweeter. My light. 👯