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Meanwhile at our home; formula samples are being delivered to a Mrs. Swink 😂 So I dont know if this is like, a thing that happens to women in their 30s? They get baby stuff samples? But I’m not gonna need this stuff. Free to anyone who has little humans.
Yesterday I said, “my allergies have been bad but I can’t believe I haven’t felt sickly yet!” 🙄 woke up feelin’ not so hot; these guys never disappoint me 🍊 🍋 #idonthavetimeforthis
10.4.2017 —� the last few weeks or so, I had been looking at my planner and seeing that M/T/W/Th/Fr of this week were all booked with either clinical, working 12 hour shifts, or full-day education days for work. I had stressed I wouldn’t have enough time to get the homework and assignments in. Or worried I would be tired and off my game. I was anxious I would be cranky and snap at my husband. I dreaded coming home after long days and having to cram for next weeks exam ..... Sunday night I went to bed early and I got up and hit the floor running at an early morning work out. Tuesday, as I was driving home thinking about the awful things in the world; I realized how blessed I am. I felt an urge to turn my radio off. And I just started praying out-loud instead of in my silence and in my thoughts. I realized when I did this; it felt more like talking to God instead of whispering; and my thoughts weren’t jumbled. I was able to pray peace and comfort over my life; and asking for wisdom and courage felt easier. So I kept praying and included my friends, my family, my husband, my enemies......Today I received a much needed message from an old friend. I also had a day of clinical that I felt prepared, knowledgeable, and more confident in everything I did. My husband received good news. I truly believe God has been waiting for me to wake up and reach out to Him. My good day was not a coincidence. I finally chose #faith over #anxiety. I chose #hope over #worry. And I chose #love over #fear.
I Challenge You To #PrayOutloud 🙏🏼
We do not grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. 💯 .
#challengesahead #daydreamer #ihaventcomethisfartoonlycomethisfar
💕 last week I started my first round of nurse practitioner clinical in pediatric primary care. I was scared and I was nervous. But my best friend made sure to remind me of my worth, my grace, and my blessings. With a handwritten note on top of freshly washed and folded scrubs. @weeble105
Rode the Harley a 🏍 few blocks down the road for six comics, multiple bug bites, and free In-n-Out @ Laughs by the Lake ☺️🍔🐜 @qgotjokes @ Lake Carolyn - Las Colinas. #lascolinas #lakecarolyn #laughsbythelake #freeisfun @cityofirving
Wow. Being married to you. We make the best of the worst. We take the best from both worlds. We respect each other. We respect and support each other. We grow together. We celebrate the small things. We enjoy the small things. @weeble105 Blake. Being married to you, is my most astounding accomplishment. I never want to do life without you.
📚 Fall 2017 --> the semester I have patiently awaited and feared all at the same time, that I worried wouldn't pan out, was set in stone before I even dreamed of it. Because, if God wants a thing to succeed you cannot mess it up. And if God wants a thing to fail you cannot save it. 💕I am beyond excited and can't wait to get started 🤓 #futurepnp #nerd #lovelearning
we all have that one coworker that makes work bearable! 🐢 but she doesn't have an insta
Crawfish Nachos for me and Fried Gator for you. Another Sunday brunch complete. 🐊🥃🍴I sure do like doing life with you @weeble105
Flashback to last Saturday morning; as I wearily dragged myself to work and upon getting into my vehicle I see this in my dash. 📝 #lovenotes from you always come at the best times. Then I look up and see you waving from the front door; with a huge smile that is meant only for me because of how much you love me, Lori. All of me and my mess. Thank you 😊 Blakers, @weeble105 #iadoreyou
Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.
Recess @ CG this morning had us leaving sweat marks on the cement #hurtssogood #tireruns #pullups #burpees #agilityweek