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Monday Lunchtime Walk impulse buys... Because I'm an adult...
My dog Scout was sniffing around where she wasn't supposed to and got her head stuck in some bag handles... She was very vocal about it.. 😛💜🐶
So lucky to be near an IMAX to experience #BladeRunner2049. Fun Fact: this particular theater has one of a only few laser IMAX projectors in the U.S. it's gonna be gorgeous 😉
Time to dust off the old camera, kids! I just signed up for my first EVER photography workshop series. Can't wait to learn and meet others with similar passions. I'm just so excited - the next four weeks are gonna be amazing 💜📷
(Pic is a throwback to my time in San Francisco - isn't it just the coolest mirror? 😉)
Really loving the new renovations at Thai Chef. Just so fun and bright! Will definitely be making this a regular happy hour spot 💙
My favorite part after returning home from a long work trip.... 💙 DC
My recent audiobook... So much truth I needed to hear. It's amazing how something so simple can give you the inspiration you need to take hold of your life 😉
The life of working in adult & continuing education... Lots of Coffee and Assessments! 💙☕📝
What an awesome new playground for the Marie Reed Community Learning Center in Adams Morgan ☺️ I love my neighborhood 💜
10 years ago - my niece Ainsley and I 😘