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  Posted: May 25, 2012 2:39 AM FEED
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Latest issue of @motortrend! For about $28K, which one would you pick? #Ford #Mustang #Hyundai #Genesis #Mazda #Miata #Scion #FRS #Subaru #BRZ #VW #GTI #cars #autos #magazines #carporn

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lohdown 16h ago
Someone is excited about going to Japan for the first time! 🥂🛫🛬🇯🇵🎉
Three Colgate smiles. Two sets of tired eyes. One ginormous head. Don't forget to brush your teeth kids. Good night. 😁😬😄
The homie @daiyoshihara was lit, on fire, en fuego, whatever the kids say, at the final @formulad championship at @irwindale_speedway. Dai made it all the way to the final battle for first but just couldn't shut the door on the consistently amazeballs @piotrwiecek of team @worthousedrift. Congratulations to all the teams and the entire #FormulaDrift crew for an exciting finale, excellent 2017 season and fitting send off to the #HouseOfDrift. It was great seeing everyone and sharing deep lungfuls of that sweet carcinogenic tire smoke I remember so well. Extra special thanks to @vcarrillo @jimliaw @dagger702 @john_pangilinan and the @theidagency for all the hook ups. Podium 📸: @tkoki99 🤘🏽🗣💨#fdirw
Ambushed for an interview by the voice of @formulad @jaroddeanda (while I'm rocking the #throwback jersey) but the jokes on him. 👀 #sendit ⚡️#importracer #notricer
You young whippersnappers and your Snapstagrambooklivestories. Let me show you how it's done - from the luxury suite. Thanks @vcarrillo @theidagency @jimliaw @dagger702 @andyfd. Looking good @daiyoshihara! #getoffmylawn 📷: @jrfelts
Heading to Irwindale for the final round of @FormulaD (thanks @dagger702). Reminds me of one of the first drift events I covered there back in 2003. The @rsrusa Drift Festival featured legendary Japanese drivers @maxorido and Kazu Hayashida in a Nissan 350Z and the Toyota #Supra you see here. I was still shooting film (@fujifilm_northamerica #Provia100F, though this might be #Velvia50) and managed to capture one of the luckiest shots of my career - Hayashida-san shredding tire and grinning like a madmen. How lucky was this shot? It's the only frame; not pulled from a sequence. Also made it into one of the first mainstream articles on drifting, the October 2003 issue of @wired that profiled these Englishtown drifters nobody on the west coast had ever heard of before: @chrisforsberg64 and @tangelo96. Google "Wired: Go, Skid Racer, Go!" if you disbelieve. As for me, I can't believe @irwindale_speedway is finally going away for real. Too many good memories were made there. Say hello if you're at FD today. I'll be the dork still holding a giant camera. 🤓📸
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 2:46 PM
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We worry about cholesterol... tomorrow. 🍳🥖🌶
The good news, first time in the water in 2 weeks and it's firing. The bad news, first time in the full wetsuit since June. Fall is here. 🍂🍁
Sliding into the home stretch of #TruckOfTheYear 2018 like... Oh and 🤘🏽 to @carolngo for straight killin' it on the @motortrend InstaStories. 🔊#volumeup #MTTOTY @chevrolet #ColoradoZR2
I drove in the first six #WGDR when we did them on the runway of the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. For #WGDR7 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, I gave up my seat in one of the show cars to fulfill a lifelong dream of driving a #HMMV. I know, 🙄 from my military friends, but I was seriously stoked to accelerate full throttle up to a whopping 40mph and fight the vehicles flaccid desire to veer left. Special thanks to all the airmen/women of the @usairforce 30th Space Wing for indulging me and my team of grownup kids. 😬🤓😘🤡
Finally have time to post shots from last week's #MTBDC drop that show you how the sausage was made. This was the alternate cover shoot, on some back road in central California at sunset. Things to note: @mt_dubdub wearing my 20-year old @petzl_official rock climbing harness (upside down and backwards - safety third), cameos by @c_seabaugh 👋🏼 and @vigidy 🗣), how close and slow we drive, my poor social media etiquette, yet excellent one-handed, behind-the-scenes content capturing ability. Despite my shamefulness, we still nailed the subscriber cover. Sorry Dubdub, you're welcome everyone! 🙏🏽🤘🏽💋 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #camarozl1 #zl1 #camarozl11le #ferrari #ferrari488 #amggtr #porsche911turbo
Doing my very first @Reddit #AskMeAnything with @jonnylieberman @c_seabaugh & @dasgimpen at noon PST. We're talking @motortrend Best Driver's Car and World's Greatest Drag Race 7. Please be gentle. 😬🔪#MTBDC #WGDR7
If you know everybody in this picture, you are as legendary as they are. 🍸🍷🍻
🍚🚀? #2Fast2Furious? Sure, make all the jokes. But until you drive one, you have no idea. #CivicTypeR #ChampionshipWhite
***My First Boomerang*** To see how #MotorTrend's Car of the Year program is doing, check out the #rad @Instagram story published by our new social media queen @carolngo! For you newbies, head to @motortrend and then hit the MT ⭕️ icon to play it back. #mtcoty #yaskween 👑💁🏻#idratherbewatchingcatsontheinternet
This is what my camera sees for the next 48 hours. The @motortrend team knows why. 🤐🙈🙉🙊 #mtcoty