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Great WE TV event tonight w @derekjhair for LA Hair at the @jspotsalon.

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Swipe Left, but here’s a disclaimer: This set of throwbacks contain photos of me that should have never seen the light of day again! I acknowledge when I’m wrong! But, the common denominator in them, @mrmktoday, trumps my moments of bad fashion, weird sizes and horrible facial deliveries. Enjoy!
People often said @mrmktoday and I were ahead of our time creatively. What does that mean? It means that almost a decade ago, before the world simply hash-tagged their crushes with #WCW, we gathered a group of our muses, secured Atlanta’s secret weapon of stage - @mrglamrocksoul, swathed the dolls in custom pieces from our #KittyandDick collection and presented the world with #KittysLitter. Swipe left to see pics and video of our version of the “Pussycat Dolls dipped in melanin” from the hearts and minds of a bad-ass trio of black boys. Special shouts out to legendary divas @tennesseeslimkitty and @tweet_ for lending their sultry to our projects over the years as well. Seems like the upcoming ten-year anniversary just got upgraded in meaning.
Unconventional superheroes. Perfectly in-sync misfits. Frazzled yin and yang. Total badasses. Indestructible forces. Power players. Dynamic duo. All these could have easily been labels for us. In fact, some were. I’ve never known a friend like you, and it’s likely that I never will again. Nothing mattered but the mountains we climbed and the doors we kicked down. Nothing but knowing that it would take Armageddon to stop us from getting to the top. You were part of introducing a culture and you let me ride with you. You shared your stage and let me handle your talent in its most delicate phases. You let me frame your magic. You had my back. I’ll love you forever for that. Forever. You give the words “BEST FRIEND” and “BROTHER” meaning in ways I never thought I’d know. Thank you. Now sleep tight. You deserve it. I’ve got it from here. What’s coming is for you! Well done my friend.
I believe in miracles. And the power of prayer. If you do too, and whether it’s prayer, a moment of silence or any type of mere acknowledgement, could you do it? Right now, please. Thank you.
Newsflash: Tomorrow, as I join a panel of accomplished African-American journalists to speak with @morehouse1867 @spelman_college and @cau1988 students during homecoming week festivities, I’ll be taking over the @traditioneversince instagram to bring you along for the experience. Make a note to follow, or better yet, follow now. And if any of you need last minute pieces to flaunt your school pride, click on over and get with it! Tell them I sent you!
Let’s start this week of right! Because each one of my days begins with a soundtrack, I had to make sure I shared this #SoundBySatchel “Music Crush Monday” recommendation. @guordan, musical genius and vibey voice behind “Keep You in Mind”, has done it again with “Wanna Be Yours”. In true GB form, the storytelling and delivery is flawless. Press play and get into it.
What happens to a Dream deferred? Not sure, because all of mine are right on track. Thank you @dussecognac. Love always Paris! 📸: @skinnywashere
Leaving a mark in Paris. Literally. Though 45 tons of padlocks were removed from Paris's Pont des Arts bridge, I think my signature is just as heavy. Luckily, I don’t go anywhere without a @sharpie. Take that! 📸: @skinnywashere
Nights I can’t help but to remember, with people and memories I won’t forget. 📸: @skinnywashere
Slow motion for me. Throwing back to last night when being part of this scene inspired us to activate #DusseAfterDark in Paris, which included dancing on dinner tables and couches, delivering bottle shots around the club and dancing to trap music in front of swanky hotels. Can I get an encore?
Unbeknownst to us, this was a “quiet” car. Didn’t stop our en route turn up! Sign me up to take a plane, train or black car with this squad any day! 📸: @skinnywashere
...seen what I never seen before, woke up and touched the sun sky high! 📸: @skinnywashere
See, this ain’t nothing that you’re used to, out of the ordinary unusual. You’ve gotta have the mind-state like “I’m so great”, can’t nobody do it like you do. Miraculous, phenomenal - ain’t nobody in here stopping us! 📸: @teneillecraig
I had to humble myself and sit down earlier. It was because I’d just left Cognac, where I walked the storied halls and cellars of the Chateau de Cognac, sipping 20+ year old cognac from vintage casks and smoked @padroncigars, in the courtyard, while throwing up the roc and getting the dirt of my shoulders to Jay-Z. Did I mention that one of my escorts was Michel Casavecchia, the Master Distiller of @dussecognac? Oh, ok. Then I ended up here in La Rochelle, living life like it’s golden. I was about to get carried away. Wait, I’m actually here for all of that. That’s why I’m smiling. Cheers...the living is easy! 📸: @skinnywashere
Walking that walk on a French kissing tour. Gonna swing through La Rochelle, then park it in Paris. Cheers to you Cognac. You were intoxicating. 🎞: @skinnywashere #DUSSEnFrance #SceneBySatchel #SkinnyWasHere #SceneBySatchelEnFrancais
I might need a day off. Think I might call Paris up. 📸: @skinnywashere
Eyeballing the mystique that is Cognac, France. Clearly, love at first sight. I hope she doesn’t mind if Paris joins our love affair. 📸: @skinnywashere
Boy you know you make me float, boy you really get me high. 📸: @skinnywashere