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I don't know the name of this #Porsche but its the cleanest one I've seen

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Don’t overthink it...wait do overthink it😋
Men care most about that which is least real...
To design means to plans, but also to deceive. To fabricate is to make with skill, but also to deceive. Art means deception. Craft equals deception. There is no escaping it.
#makeportraits #filmshootsdigital
They say if you write your goals down the universe will give them to you.
When it’s 8:30 in the morning and you hear your friend calling out from your window(cuz ya boy was sleeping😴)to let you know they’re outside. Even though you missed their first phone call at 6:38am(also sleeping)to let you know they would be at your place by 8am-ish. But they had my favorite furry animal with them so I couldn’t leave them outside🐶(me and dog photo not taken on Folsom Sunday)

And you go to The Folsom Street Fair to watch your friend perform and do cool things. But you run into a fan(I think he’s a fan, let me know if you’re a fan😋)cuz they call you by your IG handle. So you have to take a selfie of y’all meeting. But this new friend is with an old friend . And said old friend @star_bit knows consent is sexy so they ask to touch your face hair and you say it’s ok. But before you leave you have to take a photo with the friend❤️that didn’t wake you up early😋(that is how we show affection) and your friend then takes a sneaky photo of you😎
#atleastitwasnthot #youshouldhaveseenusintheapplestore
Told' em ketchup, you too far in the mustard
I had a chevelle and wanted a Cutlass
I went to work and made an abundance
-2 Chainz
#shibari #kinbaku #filmshootsdigital #kink #makeportraits
When you live with a welder you get mini suspension rings for the low. #strongenoughtolifta5series #ropekitisalmostdone
How much does a man need? How much can he hoard before his greed?
How can a rich father teach humbleness to his seed?
-J. Cole
#filmshootsdigital #makeportraits
Perhaps I was foolish, just like the boy that prays to only see the sun
-J. Cole
#filmshootsdigital #makeportraits #didipostthisalready
If you followed to see censored nakedness and ropy things you can add this to that list.
#needahashtagforthisthing #plantlyfe #dontkillitdavid
Maybe, life happens like tides
One minute you're low and feelin' shallow, then all of a sudden you rise
-J. Cole
#kinbaku #shibari #filmshootsdigital #ifonlyiwastaller