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jmuguy 9w ago
The cooking for bae smoker setup. The foil is to stop air flow through the giant rusted out hole in the bottom of the firebox.
jmuguy 12w ago
Dixie closed on her new house yesterday.
jmuguy 14w ago
I realize this is basically Dixie's Instagram now.
jmuguy 16w ago
Lulu is pretty depressed, my parents have been gone for 20 minutes.
jmuguy 27w ago
Also likes this door with a giant gap
jmuguy 27w ago
Dixie likes the door at our new place
jmuguy 50w ago
Trash monster, lives in trash.
jmuguy 65w ago
This is the biggest indoor Jesus in Mexico.
jmuguy 65w ago
Yesterday her iPhone was on top of a mound of masa so she could watch Netflix.
jmuguy 66w ago
Leah tried to kill a scorpion with her flip flop. It didn't work.