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a_lely 1h ago
Back from Soda Springs - home never felt so good. Thank you firefighters, and other first responders from around the country who saved our town.❤️
a_lely 4d ago
It's hard to comprehend our new reality.
a_lely 5d ago
Decorating respirators. Doing what we can to get the kiddo to wear one. It's another day of waiting and wishing for wildfire containment.
a_lely 3w ago
It's all about the entertainment, food and fun!
a_lely 4w ago
Harmonica place cards in progress
a_lely 7w ago
I photographed the worst one - the others are in the walk in 😬
a_lely 7w ago
Persimmons - guilty for harvesting early for aesthetic needs 😐😜
a_lely 9w ago
Happy Birthday Dad ❤️our hikes are continuing!
a_lely 9w ago
40 foot antipasti - @alex_lovick and team rock! (Disregard the uneven glassware and name cards table was not finished at time of photo 😜)
a_lely 9w ago
Imagining a little 'Walk in the Clouds' style dinner in the vines 😍
a_lely 10w ago
Played Florist today - foraged material only
a_lely 10w ago
Beginning to play with the details. Inglenook Harvest Party 2017