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asheeps 281w ago
Fun fact: According to Native American lore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe. On to Mt. Saint Helen's and Mt. Rainier.

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Welcoming the weekend like...🙌🏻
asheeps 12w ago
Our greatest adventure starts the first week of 2018!!!! We cannot wait to meet our little one! ❤️👶🏼
asheeps 13w ago
The only thing I like about Monday mornings 🌅😉
asheeps 14w ago
Saturday mornings are for blending in. I don't think Harry knows I'm next to him 🤗#camouflage
asheeps 15w ago
After being in the desert 🌵 for nearly 2 weeks it was a sweet relief to be amongst the pines in the mountains. The desert is beautiful but I cannot help loving the forest more😬😍🌲
asheeps 16w ago
I have a million photos of the slot canyon so get ready 😂 #slotcanyon
asheeps 16w ago
Our last stop was in Taos. We ate breakfast outside when it was a wonderful dry 57 degrees and sunny. Great way to end a road trip in the desert 🌵 😂
asheeps 16w ago
We hiked to #horseshoebend and it was incredibly beautiful....and windy. Hats were flying off into the canyon. The sand turned into tiny bullets. It was nuts. Luckily, before this we were able to sit down and take in the view lol 😬😋
asheeps 16w ago
Details of the slot canyon. It's incredible what nature can do. Like a silk scarf. 🐏 #horseshoebendcanyon #slotcanyon
asheeps 17w ago
A break from rafting. The water was a refreshing 47 degrees. ❄️❤️ #horseshoebendcanyon