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whyyyy did the king of OG block me 😭😭😭 i'm gunna lose sleep over this tonight
i moved to colorado exactly 5 years ago today. this sums up my experience so far pretty accurately.
i didnt like it at first . finally realizing everything about the new album rules @veilofmayaofficial 💝
glue 4, death star, and lucky charms from @kindlove_nursery. 12x 7gals of hand mixed living soil, 2x 315w phantom LEC's, and a 600w HPS in the middle. fed with @dragonflyearthmedicine #FatFlowers and aloe. high of like 82*, 60% daytime RH and 1600ppm co2. looking to be my healthiest harvest to date 💯
2 315's and a 600w for 5 hours a day. lucky charms death star and glue 4. 7 gal pots of living soil, fed with fish and DEM 🏄🏻 #nofermentgang #muricannaturalfarming
whoever stole my car also stole my @postalglass tube out of the back seat. hoping that maybe finding this tube will lead me to the person that stole and totaled my jetta. repost this for me fam 🙏 not sure what else to do 😞
12 kindlove clones under 2x phantom 315w CMH lamps in 7 gallons of living soil each. veged for 8 days then flipped. thank you @blewglass and @dabcity5280 for making it happen 🙌 #glue4 #luckycharms #deathstar