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Reading material for the trip home..#1971. Looking forward to seeing them write about my birth in December.
Nice #sunset out the back of our hotel and some happiness provided by #trailerhappiness. One more full day in London.
Get to York quick for a free dozen krispy kreme's. It's a long line but I don't think they are going to run out any time soon.
Had a wee taste of #Scotch last night. 3 down 397 to go.. it's going to be a long night. #balmoralhotel
I just wanted a little chocolate cake.. with almost no help from @caitlintrax this was all I could eat. #beforeafter #chocolatecake #icecream #portree #scotland #isleofskye
I decided to skip the Mama Jama - I wasn't in the mood for Knickerbockerglory - so I went with the tiramisu.
The weather and the sea are no joke here in Oban. I have no idea how someone could be a fisherman up here!
Little lane in Glasgow. Cool old white building with red doors. Nice brick work and pink and green paint on garage/barn doors.