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  Posted: May 24, 2012 8:29 PM FEED
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Do I even need to be here?

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Purposely gassed myself out and kept #training at today’s open mat. Gotta know what I’m gonna do when the tank is on E. (It wasn’t great; need to make a better plan)
Photo cred 📹: @marklikoskyphoto
#BJJ #shoyoroll #undefeated
Still working on that one handed #225 deadlift. This is #205. It’s going to happen.
First time in a while we’ve been able to make it to the gym together. @4feetfine 💖
If they get past your crew and your weapons, BJJ is a great plan C.
Keto was a good experience... gonna eat some delicious foods find a new "100 day" eating adventure; I've got my eyes on @rpstrength for a @rp_transformations
Finished #incline presses w/ 405x3.
When the birds play the gym is empty, just how I like it.
#100dayketochallenge #ketogenicdiet #keto #ketogenic #sweatmovement