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  Posted: May 24, 2012 5:20 PM FEED
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#ThrowbackThursday exactly a year ago from today💗 good times, good times. I miss this.😢 @kylieduncan @wardkara

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it's getting spooky in here!!🎃🎃
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 2:43 AM
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boys bid day means the cutest puppies ever!!!🌀🌀
BIG thank you to @winnersvillefitness for the free 30 day membership and dinner certificate to Buffalo Wild Wings!! 💥💥💥
happy bday to my sweet HALEY🦄💓💞💕🍭🎉💖🌟🌸✨ love you to pieces!!!!!! #long #live #FRESHMANYEAR
ARMS UP CUZ MB IS FINALLY 20!!!!!!!!! happy bday BFF love u x 100💓💓🌟🤘🌈 have fun in Puerto Ricoooo🔆
glad I have these girlies to show me around Barcelona this weekend🌀🍭🦄💞✨
Me estoy divirtiendo mucho en España. Estoy aprendiendo mucho y encontrando a tantas personas diferentes. Yo aprecio todo que España tiene que ofrecer. Amo a mi mejor amiga. Estoy muy feliz
lovin the Spain life🌀🌀also lovin my new friend💓
cheesin hard cuz it's my LAST DAY IN AMERICA!!!!! marlie is smiling through the tears tho
can't wait to be in Spain in !!!!ONE MONTH!!!! with my bestie girl!!🌸💓 WOOP WOOP
RACHEL!!!!!!!! happy happy bday h0mie!!!! so glad we got to celebrate you last night!!! love love loooooove you to the moon💞💞I hope this day shines a little brighter than the rest🌟🌸💓