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Wednesday Wellness! Of these 3 offerings only the Chardonnay in the middle was ready to drink. #wine #vino #wino #winelover #winegeek #winedork #winenerd #winesnob #corkdork #ilovewine

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User Image jflashj Posted: Nov 16, 2017 2:18 AM (UTC)
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Still tasty after more than a year sittin in my wine fridge at home. CIGAR PLEASE~ Oh well~ Music & carnita enchiladas with spicy green sauce will do. #portwine
User Image jflashj Posted: Nov 6, 2017 5:50 AM (UTC)
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The marathon wine weekend continues. Big brother & I kept the party going. We had lots to talk about. Just my beautiful wife, children and him & I hangin, poppin wine on a Sunday. The end of the year is almost upon us. There is so much todo yet i needed the company & vino badly. We are so close. What a fun start to the November birthday month shenanigans’ville’. Hey!!!! I just call it that because there are just to many birthdays in the month of November to remember. Just how I roll. Perhaps the wines will only get better. TO BE CONTINUED~ #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut
User Image jflashj Posted: Nov 5, 2017 3:11 PM (UTC)
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Happy 55th birthday to my good friend Randy B. Wines of the night for me. Italy, France, Spain, and good ole America represented. Don’t usually toot my own horn but Reva “ROCKED”. Unbelievably restrained with delicious amounts of blue fruit, leather & pepper. Aquilon was amazingly similar with a bit more oak and sweet fruit. The perfect Garnacha. Andremily was off the hook good for a youngster. 96 Pio Cesare tasted oh so young & delicious. Alsace and Cote-Rotie superb. And to think, this is 6 of perhaps 18 or 20 bottles we tasted. I lost count into the 5th hour. Cheers Sir~ #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut
User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 29, 2017 7:10 PM (UTC)
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Thank you to both my sister-in-laws ramona & linda for the gifts. Wine & new aprons are always welcome and i only hope that you have enjoyed every meal that my hands have prepared. Thank you for your love, kindness & humor. Your new journeys officially begin in Fresno California with the purchase of a new home. I cant wait to visit, pop open a bottle, throw on the apron and create new food & wine memories with you both. Salud~ #wineandfamily
User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 23, 2017 3:06 AM (UTC)
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User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 22, 2017 8:27 PM (UTC)
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The American / The Italian / The Greek. All 3 wines showed really well. The cool climate style of the American. The beautiful smoke & acid of the Italian. The stone and citrus peel of the Greek. A great night to taste wine. #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut
User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 15, 2017 11:31 PM (UTC)
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It was the first image i saw when the news broke of fires in Napa & Sonoma. The burnt image of this winery’s sign. Thank god it did not sustain serious damage. I wanted to drink it. I did, and I couldn’t keep thinking of everything still going on this weekend. It is absolutely devastating and surreal the amount of damage. I am a huge old world loving wino. Aka spain, france, italy, Germany. I may just have to step up this year and keep poppin my state, my countries wine. Keep your spirits alive california wine country. I cut my teeth on you. You cut me open today and I would bleed california juice. Prayers go out to you and your land, livestock, residences,wine owners and workers. We love you. Salud~ #californiawinecountry
User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 12, 2017 11:14 PM (UTC)
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Wednesday Wellness Brown Bag. Big surprise when this bottle was unveiled. Kept thinking Young Bordeaux. To my surprise, my all time favorite cabernet. @spottswoodewinery I wept a bit afterwards as I went back in for one more taste. I just cant wrap my head around the level of devastation in Napa & Sonoma. My heart goes out to everybody affected. I will continue to support my beautiful state of california and buy wine till the day I die. #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut #spottswoodewinery #spottswoode
User Image jflashj Posted: Oct 1, 2017 1:38 AM (UTC)
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It aint batman & robin but it is a Dynamic Duo Double IPA from Ex Novo Brewing #the6740 #6740
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 30, 2017 8:35 PM (UTC)
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Not a lot of people can say that their name is imprinted on a bottle of wine. My son can. The koolest thing is it happens to be my second favorite varietal of wine, Tempranillo and a very respected Napa Valley house, Krupp Brothers. Napa valley and Tempranillo really don’t make much sense. I mean its the greatest wine grape of Spain whom I have always been an ambassador of. Perhaps it was the fact that i have followed Krupp Brothers for over 10 years. Periodically purchasing great bottles like the Doctor, the Banker and Black Bart. My wine friend Dick Stanton knew this and did not hesitate gifting me this bottle of 2004 Krupp Brothers “Joshua”. I knew i had to make sure that it get popped with him, my son and some delicious Latin American food present. Chicken Asada tacos from the grill, homemade refried beans with chorizo and my wife’s famous mexican style rice. The wine opened up very masculine similar to the wines of Ribera del Duero. Modest levels of acid & oak were present with characteristics of plums, cigar box & strawberries. I am not sure if Krupp Brothers used american oak as there were no coconut influences at all. Either way, i sat there in my chair swirling a glass of this wonderful wine, thanking my friend and praising my boy. Wine moments like this I cherish forever. @kruppbrothers thank you for producing this wonderful wine and naming it Joshua. I met Joshua Krupp once very briefly at a wine tasting event and remember when he passed away in 2009. More the reason i hugged my own son tightly. salud~ #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut #kruppbrothers #kruppbrotherswinery
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 30, 2017 5:02 PM (UTC)
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Many thanx martha for my last order of dos enchiladas de queso con huevos fritos ariba. Tecate was perfect. Your 40 year journey in my home town is over. I truly hope that this is not the last we have heard of your “Familia” style restaurant. Gracias~ #lafamiliarestaurant
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 23, 2017 4:09 PM (UTC)
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Not a bad friday night. The Linne Calodo was pretty subdued. MacRostie chard was just what the Dr. ordered for my healing wife. But the Krupp?? Well, i guess i'll write a separate review later. #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 17, 2017 10:08 PM (UTC)
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There is a story here~ it has to do with the years on these bottles. "2012" Wifey is up and around 2 days after cancer surgery. We are visiting friends and watching the cowboys(my wife's team), raiders(my friends team), Seahawks(my friends team), chargers(my team). We are eating ribs in a bit celebrating that my wife of 29 years is cancer free for now. The last time i had to worry about this very thing??? That is correct "2012". We didn't even plan this. It just happened. My prayers were answered friday. #fucancer #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 14, 2017 1:21 PM (UTC)
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My birthday wine brother from wednesday wellness was in town from colorado. Not a bad night. He is more a pinot guy and this night leaned more towards syrah. Chave was delicious as was the pair of Dehlingers. 2008 Lillian was pretty tasty. As for me 2008 Sea Smoke Botella was just what the Dr. ordered for me and my wife as she prepares for cancer cell removal surgery this Friday. It is always fun when we bring it wine wise especially when it softens any anxiety and brings all my wine friends closer together. Friday I will worry and this coming weekend is emotional enough for other reasons, but Wednesday, I closed my eyes for a moment and thanked my lucky stars for all positive things in my life. #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut #wednesdaywellness
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 9, 2017 4:44 PM (UTC)
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I am just a wine lover on a mission. Yeah i collect them, hoard them and store them and yes, share them. Tracing back the thousands upon thousands of bottles that I have consumed over the last 20 years its that greatest moment when you pop a bottle for the second time in your life. 9 years ago in April I was enjoying my 40th birthday in Santa Ynez california at one of my favorite restaurants around, Trattoria Grappolo. I don't remember what i ordered to eat but I would guess it was lamb. Flash forward 5 years When i turned 45. Same town, same restaurant, bottle of 1988 Chateau LaTour and the most delicious lamb chops ever. Coming back to that moment When i turned 40, 2001 Sassicaia it was. I still remember the chef coming out for a quick toast, looking down at the bottle and saying "oh, you're going to eat and drink very well tonight". My 40th birthday, my 20th wedding anniversary, and my best friend to share that bottle of wine with. Oh how that wine moment was returned when my best friend brought his own bottle of 2001 Sassicaia 9 years later. This time it was my sons 23rd birthday. My cousin was here visiting us from Boston and my brother was present to enjoy the moment. Cork came out beautiful and you were hit with aromas of leather, cedar, cherries and violets. Medium bodied with plenty of oak still hanging around. I have always struggled with Italian wines, because this wine like so many was acid driven. Hints of licorice and tiny amounts of eucalyptus gave way to mountains of cherries and earth. What a moment "again". It was wine of the night by a long shot and my pairing of grilled tri-tip prime roast with caramelized onions, mushrooms in a sour orange sauce made her sing. Both tipping their hats acid wise to each other. Many thanx to my best friend of 40 years. You brought it brother. You really did. My wine was no slouch. The troubles of the 2011 vintage in california was to our benefit. M Etain was drinking well. Almost like it was destiny for me to pull that bottle for everyone to enjoy. Besides! I have one more 2011 and my best friend has a pair of 08's. I am sure we will get another moment to say wow! As for the 2001 Sassicaia, it is all gone.
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 9, 2017 3:05 AM (UTC)
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Now we are rockin~ Happy Birthday Son. Tri-Tip Roast almost ready to come off the grill. #cultwines
User Image jflashj Posted: Sep 7, 2017 6:04 AM (UTC)
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So in the Wizard of Oz the Tin Man needed a heart and when Dorthy leaves back to Kansas he realizes he has a heart now because its breaking. Kinda what I have been feeling the last few weeks as my immediate family is moving away. So this coming Friday Sept. 8th, I have my cousin visiting from Boston, its my sons 23rd birthday and i am one step closer to my only brother moving away. All this wine loving shit truly is his fault. Lets go out killing Wine babies, eating prime beef and seeing what the future holds for us all. Thank you @celiawelch for signing my bottle. to be continued~ #wine #wino #vino #winesnob #winegeek #winelover #winedork #wineporn #winedrinker #winedrinking #corkdork #ilovewine #wineonmytime #winejunkie #winosunite #wineaddiction #wineconnoisseur #pourmesomeofthatgoodshit #winenut #scarecrowwines