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Maddie made Audrey 2 from The Little Shop of Horrors. This kid can take almost anything and make something from it. #feedmeseymour #littleshopofhorrors
Today's WOD had wall balls. 😁 We also did straight leg dead lifts which was a first for me. Ouch...
250 meters or 820 feet of tire flips tonight. I may or may not be able to move tomorrow. 💪😎 #crossfit #orlandocrossfit #crossfitmom
Forgot to post his birthday cake pics. No more single digits in our house. 😔
10 years ago today, I was supposed to be having my baby shower but you couldn't wait. 15 minutes after we got to the hospital Elijah Kristopher joined our family. It happened so fast that there was no time for drugs, let alone a doctor. He weighed 9lbs 3oz and stole my heart with his big, brown eyes. I am so thankful God choose me to be your mom. ❤
Pics from the fort with some seriously old graffiti.
Less than 6 months after we met, we said I do. I was only 21. People thought we were crazy and we very well may have been (and still are) but today we celebrate our 23rd anniversary. It hasn't always been easy. There have been some pretty hard times but I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. ❤💐🥂
I LOVE the sled push. I got a new PR of 320# tonight and then I almost threw up during the wod. Note to self, don't eat chicken quesadillas before you have to run and do sit ups. 🤢😂 #crossfitmom #sledpush #orlandocrossfit
Still not feeling 100% but it was so good to get back into the gym. Stupid cold, I hadn't worked out since last Friday. #crossfitmom #sweatingitout
No crossfit for me tonight. Head pounding and a stuffy nose, so the kids got to go swimming instead and I got some vitamin D. #firstcoldoftheyear #fla #endlesssummer
Ran my first mile and a half tonight. Well jogged a mile and a half but I did it and did not die!! Woohoo!! #crossfitmom #running #slowasaherdofturtles
60 total burpees tonight along with sumo deadlifts and ring rows. I'm definitely ready for bed. #crossfitmom #burpeessuck #orlandocrossfit #cardioishardio
DAY 5 after Irma: We still don't have power but I woke up to this. ❤ I was able to heat up my coffee and make my eggs on the gas stove in our camper. I know there are so many people that are worse off than me. Counting my blessings this morning. #hurricanirma #nopower #countingmyblessings
Thanks to my box, I was not only to get an awesome workout but I got to take my first, hot shower since Sunday. Woohoo!! #hurricaneirmawasnojoke #stillnopower #crossfit #orlandocrossfit #crossfitmom
Lots of tree loss but no damage to the house. We are so thankful. #hurricanirma #definitelyworsethanmatthew
Under the table, ready for the storm.