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When I tell him I need to eat healthier, he makes himself a torta 🥙 and makes me a salad. 🥗 Guess he does listen when I talk! 🙌🏼 Sometimes. 😜
Taking notes 👶🏼📝👴🏼
Did some #good today. Just donated multiple bags of supplies to victims of the northern Cali wildfires, on behalf of @matchfireco And @matchfireauctns. Thanks to @meatheadmovers for organizing #FillThoseTrucks.
The @matchfireco and @matchfireauctns teams hosting a #socialsupper acknowledging #internationaldayofthegirl and the struggles women and girls around the world face every day. Had some good conversations, good food, and good company. 👌🏼
Taking a walk on the wild side with dragonfruit in my smoothie today. #smoothie #dragonfruit #healthy
I’m not so sure about that considering my day started with the gas pump jumping out of my gas tank and spraying my legs and shoes with gasoline. Go home mug, you’re drunk.
{{Repost from @mercantileonmainmb}} ••• In light of Sunday night’s horrific events in Las Vegas, we feel the need to help. Throughout the month of October, we are offering this 11” x 8.5” cardstock “United We Stand” cutout to benefit the victims and victims’ families of the mass shooting that occurred on October 1st. If you’d like to place an order, we kindly ask for a small donation of $10. Please direct message us, or send us payment via PayPal by visiting Be sure to put your full name and shipping address and we’ll ship your item within 1-2 days! •

#PrayForVegas #Route91Harvest #StopTheHate #BeTheGood
Closing out this emotional, stressful day by looking at my Timehop. And this picture pops up first... Last night’s incident has hit way too close to home and I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of those who experienced it. I’ve had permanent chills, tears in my eyes, and a pit in my stomach all day. It’s indescribable and I hate it. I’m so pained by all those families who won’t wake up next to their loved ones tomorrow...and those who will, but who will be forever scarred by the horrific, horrific event that ensued on what should have been an amazing night. Rest peacefully tonight, Las Vegas. You’ve got a lot of people pulling for you.
While there are some days I hate the people in this world and the disgusting, vile, evil, sickening things they are capable of, I still stand proud as a citizen of this amazing country. I wouldn’t change that for anything. 🇺🇸 {Now if we could all just stop hating each other, this world might just be a better place.} ••• #starsandstripes #standproud #america #usa #fuckhate #🇺🇸 #❤️💙
My heart hurts after waking up to the devastating news at the country music festival in Vegas last night. As a festival I’ve been to and almost went to this year, it hits a little too close to home. My heart goes out to the families of those dead and wounded, and I’m grateful for those who are safe. #prayforvegas #💔
My love bug is suffering from heart issues AND flea infestation (despite spending $75 on flea meds and giving him multiple flea baths). Did I mention I LOATHE fleas?!?!? He's miserable so apparently allowed on the couch. Comforting him is the only thing that keeps him from scratching and chewing himself bloody raw. 🐶💙 #dogsofinstagram #peanut