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Norte Dame Rose Window!!! The only one still intact supposedly!
Higgle-dee Piggle-dee paths in the older parts of Père Lachaise! So creepy!
Skulls and angels at Père Lachaise!!!
Modigliani's grave at Père Lachaise Cemetery. This are tributes fans have left at his grave!!!
Truffle Oil Ravioli in an olive yampa made like Sauce! Ravioli of the day at Gloria and Italian Restaurant not too far from where I live in Paris! So Yummy!!!
Chateau Blois, a lot of French royalty lived here at one point. It has a huge courtyard inside it. Taking this picture I am standing inside it!
On the Ramparts of Chateau Amboise overlooking the Île d'Or and the Loire River!
The beautiful Catherine de Medici Gardens at Chateau Chenonceau!
Afternoon Tea and macaroons at Carette Cafe. Macaroon flavored were caramel, pistachio, chocolate, Cassis, and Strawberry! Yum yum!
Chateau Amboise on a cliff over the Loure river and Amboise town!!! Gorgeous!!!
Chateau Chambord!!! Hunting lodge/ Castle with 440 rooms and 360 fireplaces!
At the Chateau Chenonceau!!! Crossing the Loire river, WWII refuges were smuggled across the border between occupied and unoccupied France.
Santana! The concert was right on the beach!!!
Rachel and me at the Santana Concert for the Jazz au Juan Festival in Juan les Pins a town very close to Antibes! We are eating Pan bagnats regional food.
Spices at the daily market in Antibes on the French Riviera! So pretty!!!
Bubble tea from Bubble tea store across the street from my class! Yummy!!!
Hot chocolate at the famous Angelina and Necresco Chocolate dessert! Very yummy! I think there is gold on the dessert so I may have eaten gold.
The Eiffel Tower is lit up in this picture with what I think is the British flag but I could be wrong. They celebrated other countries who came to visit of Bastille day as well.