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Oh my gosh my little baby sister is 17 today and I have to write this super long post because she is my favorite human being. I always wanted a little sister but I never knew that I would get the smartest, most talented, funniest, sweetest, most beautiful little sister in the world. Sorry everyone else, my sister is DEFINITELY the best. β€œI don’t know a better person” -Oprah. Happy Birthday my little quesadilla πŸ’™ #ilikepickles #butnotthefunkhousekind #ancientastronauttheorists #mayorofwhoville #khakipants
Throwback Sunday to our impromptu downtown Modesto photo shoot. Anyway, today my work BFF surprised me with hockey tickets! Just because! I don't even have to pay for them! #gobruins #bruinsvssharks #myworkbffisthebest #loveher #happyoctober πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ’
Dog beach is a 10/10, will take this good boy again
πŸ“·: @caseylaurenm
My best friend for life, cheers to thirteen years πŸ»πŸ’š #BFFLday
Happy birthday to a work bff who also doubles as a real life bff. I'm grateful everyday for your friendship and all the laughs, memories, and adventures we share. I hope this next year is filled with fulfillment (lol) and lots of love and happiness. πŸ’š
Kjersti and Ted, what a beautiful wedding. We're so glad we chose your wedding to crash - it was so fun. Thanks for the fun memories, congratulations and good luck! #seaferrytalewedding #weddingcrashers #jennsbdayweekend #seattle
Today is my baby sister's last first day of school 😭 I'm so so so proud of the smart, witty, kind, and beautiful little woman she has become. She's the best πŸ’š Have a great senior year ya lil cutie #wristnub
They don't want us to jump off the top, so we gonna jump off the top #blessup #majorkey