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Found purple!! This is the best piece i found this weekend. Pretty excited as this was my first time pulling crystals from the ground.. they may be small but the terminations and glassiness of these points are outstanding. Who knows could be more just a little further down.. #amethyst
There's amethyst in those hills, getting in a little breakfast before a day of prospecting. Be good to me mountains!
Even on the strip I was able to find a gem. I choose the oyster and broke it open to reveal this pink beauty! #pearl #Vegasstrip
This is the plane we flew in on the second day of our trip. Cessna 185 skywagon.
Had an amazing time up in Alaska. Here is the family crew that made it happen. Miss you all so much already.
So happy it let me get this close to it! Video of the eagle from last post...
Got super close this massive bird on the shores of cook inlet outside of anchor point. These eagles are everywhere up here. #bald
Got me a Sockeye outta Kasilof river!!
Keeper from yesterday's fossil hunt! Plant leaf found in sedimentary rock from the Cenozoic era and tertiary period. Approximately 65 million years ago!
Ride thru a fjord! This is spider cove in resurrection bay outside the port town of Seward.. Hey... Thanks nature
Wow Alaska! This if from our float plane ride yesterday. Thank you nature... #chugachmountains
Remember when we made the front page of the Saint Cloud times... @alexwrightmn @vegankangaroo happy birthday boys!!! Feb 9th 2010