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  Posted: May 24, 2012 12:38 AM FEED
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Princess Joanna of Foodlandia
She wants to eat her cake and eat yours too. 🎂🍰
I received a complaint that I was not posting enough food pics | Sur Sznycel 100% peklowanego mięsa z ćwiartka cytryny i sałatka ziemiaczana lub frytkami
Polish is exhausting to type and impossible to speak. 🇵🇱 #euroanventure2017
This is Tina, the queen of Bologna. @tu_tutina
And only in Italy, am I so entertained by someone singing the days of the week and months.
Goes to Bologna once and meets the 2 best Italian lesbians! I had sooo much fun hanging with them. I will def come back to Bologna because it's full of beautiful gays and I need to go to the party "Pussy Galore" 😂. Thanks for showing this Cali girl a good time. Bye Italy! 🌈🇮🇹
Also, Italian lamb tastes nothing like American lamb (it's so much better). Fooseball is hard.
#italianbestfriends #euroanventure2017
Fun fact: I just sat down and my pants ripped in the crotch. 🙃 And I'm running low on gelato. Check my story for a #crotchshot. #euroanventure2017
Handmade tortellini with white Fassana beef ragù on Parmigiano Reggiano cream & an aperitivi
How many meals do you think I can fit into 1 day? 😍
Most stunning restaurant I've ever seen. Thinking about having my bday dinner here next year, who wants to come to Florence?
This is the pastry that brought me to Europe for the first time.
I had dreamt about going to Europe all my life, and all my life I waited and waited for the perfect opportunity (and someone to go with). Year after year, plans fell through, and the perfect opportunity never came.
@koreyleach posted a photo of this pastry on her IG and I commented on how good it looked. She replied "you need to fly here and try it" I did.
The timing was perfect because I'd just had an epiphany--I thought about what I'm saving my money for, the future? But with all the natural and political disasters that are happening right now, I can easily lose everything tomorrow. So I might as well live my best damn life now. #euroanventure2017
Remember that finale of America's Next Top Model where they walked through here? #douwannabeontop #euroanventure2017 #fujifilmx100f