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I reeeaaallly wanna do this! @lezzlalou #ombre #redhair #nofilter

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Cookie decorating party.. not sure if this was the greatest idea since both kids are now covered head to toe in frosting and bouncing off the walls- but it was fun! #halloweencookies
I love that these 2 love going to preschool together just like @brittanygail and I did when we were little❤️ #busybodies #Vacaville #preschool #bestfriends
Bought this for Disneyland but I seem to be wearing it on the daily🤔🐭❤️ #LoungeFly #Disney
I’m soo late decorating this year. I usually start the end of September but then our Disney trip and life itself happened.. Better late than never👻🎃☠️ #halloweendecor
Lewie has been wanting to go to the Lego store for months and I said if he helps me do some things around the house, I would give him money towards the Lego store. Well that turned in to him hustlin’ my whole family for things he could do for them around to earn more money. He earned $70 and he got to pick out whatever he wanted. Hope he has this kind of work ethic when he’s older lol #workhardplayharder #teachthemyoung #legostore #downtowndisney #LewisCarter #biggiantboat #SWIPE
Yuummmm. This is up there with dole whips. Mangonado from Clairebelle’s in California Adventure. Mango ice cream, mangos, chamoy and tajin💛 #californiaadventure #foodsofdisneyland
Man this trip has been tiring with these 2.. but as long as they are smiling it’s worth my back, feet and head hurting😂 #disneyland
Day 4, the last and final day❤️
There’s always one kid actin out when we try to take a family picture😂 #itsusuallysissy #disneyland
My babies photoshoot.. thank you soooo much @cadylately. Can’t wait to do this again in the future📸😝#fallphotoshoot #lewieandliv
📸❤️ Sneak peak from the photoshoot we did the other day with the lovely @cadylately #oliviaalani #neckrolls
Deal of the century.. #swipe #targetclearance #targetdoesitagain #anotherlamp 😂💡 One more left at the Vacaville Target 🎯