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Hey girl you're a dozen today!!! Happy birthday baby sis I love you!! 😘
Grew up watching this Dude man the point for my Houston Rockets. Such an honor to meet you. #Rednation #Skip2myLou #And1 #houstonrockets
I'd like to start it out from the bottom and build with ya. Be on my last dollar and split the bill with ya. #ovo
McNeese won, LSU won, Saints won, and basketball season starts in two days. Oh and gumbo to end this incredible weekend! #gumbo #Louisiana #RedNation
2-10 Bridge Walkthrough!! @amandaa27m thanks for being an awesome driver!
I don't mind if you don't mind, cuz i don't shine if you don't shine.
Man crush Monday goes out to this little dude!! Turned 13th today! Time for a growth spurt buddy haha! I love you and have a great day! #startedfromthebottom #mcm
First Harvest of my Persimmon tree! Happy first day of Autumn!!