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wingding3 282w ago
Her new trick, hunting down Js fitted and putting it on all by herself. This is how she greeted me at the door this afternoon:)

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PNW homeschool kids gear up and hike down hills to collect the mail in the rain. 🌧 #barefoothomeschoolinthepnw
A huge batch of granola and some peach cobbler muffins are cooling next to the elderberry syrup while I fry apples in coconut oil and roast up a huge batch of farm carrots in bacon grease. #wewillbepreparedthisweek #wingdingcooks
Almost a decade into this parenting gig and a lot has evolved, but some things have become a permanent part of our familial culture. #elderberrysyrup #wardsoffthegerms #alltheherbs #topitoffwithlocalhoney
When you don’t know what to feed your kids just top some scratch made popcorn with coconut butter, cocoa, and a dash of cinnamon. 🌽 #wingdingcooks #easybutton #woolsocksandanimaldocumentaries
Ladder Creek Falls. The air out here in the mountains and near the glacial runoff smells so fresh and so GOOD.
One more suspension bridge, the Gorge dam, and salmon!