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Did you even go to Vegas if you didn't get a pic beside the sign?? Also amazed that we bumped into @gabbydawnallen and @marcel_rockyb before they left!! #Vegas #VegasBaby #VegasSign #amazing #sohot #loveisland
#transformationtuesday I know these posts are normally about people losing weight but it's taken quite a bit of courage to write this post and it's unreal how big a change there is in me.
I've been feeling quite down in the dumps lately about my weight and how much my body has changed but it's only because of how little I used to be. Looking back at these photos make me realise how much better and healthier I am now.
The first two pictures on the left are when I was at my skinniest. I was just above 6st at the age of 19/20. I've never had a eating disorder, I was/am naturally slim but at this time in my life I had an unhealthy relationship with food and was under a lot of stress in life.
The second lot of pictures are of me this past two years, much healthier and not so skeletal looking! My belly no longer concave's in and my hip bones no longer jut out.
Sometime you have to look back to realise how far you've come.🙌🏼
Two years ago today we lost our amazing Mumma Bear🐻
They say it gets easier with time but our lives are still a little more duller without you here!
As with last year we all got together and went upto the Grave.
We sent up some balloons and lots of love for you Mumma (even though mine and Ross's got stuck in the tree, was Mum's way of saying she's there with us haha!) Miss you more every single day!
My best friend forever 💖

Ps thankyou so much for all the family and friends that came along 💖