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GIANT SALE ALERT! My shop is celebrating 3 years (3 celebrations to follow), and I’m throwing a big sale!! $3 tanks $13 shirts. 💯🎉 I love this kindness styling business, and I can’t wait to show you what’s next!! So get some awesome gifts or treats for you. ❤️ Sale ends at midnight EST. Hurry!!! #happybirhdaysale
How much do you consume each day? Not food or liquid but information. The kind you read and watch and visually absorb. 🤔 What if you spent some portion of the day creating, making? Producing rather than consuming?? Let’s make more. And make more art. #womenartists Tap and see these nine artists and the beauty they create. #womeninart
After hundreds (!) of word images with words from others, this is my first #parscaeliwords with only my words. If you watched my stories yesterday (if not, go see), you'll see my true feelings about my shop Good in Store (@goodinstore) turning THREE!! We will be celebrating with a contest and a giveaway AND a surprise.

I'm feeling called to share more and to expand my business further. Little changes (like adding my last name to this account and using my own words) are important steps to bigger movements. Creating is what I'm meant to do.

I'm also feeling called to return to a few pieces that have been left behind like blogging and direct contact with you all via an email or a newsletter. What does this mean exactly? I'm not sure. But, much like my shop name implies, I know (from my inmost center) that there is GOOD IN STORE.

In summary (bless you for reading this chapter book), I'm grateful to spend my days creating. Some hours, my head gets off course and gets wrapped in the numbers game - income, followers, inventory. Thank you to you sweet humans who remind me that the process is the joy - the sharing, the conversation, the giving. Cheers to many more years and fun celebrations ahead!! #goodinstore
Mondays are for pom pom rainbows, right?! 🌈 Thanks for the surprise treat, @kidmademodern (love love love their fabulous art products). #gomakestuff
I had the surprise pleasure of a full afternoon with my daughters today. It was ordinary and awesome, and I find myself in awe of the girls they are and the women they seek to become. 💕 And how quickly those two realities are becoming one. #parscaeliwords
Yesterday was the #dayofthegirl and though I missed posting on it, I spent a lot of time thinking about girls, specifically my daughters. 💕 I have worked, and I’m grateful to be at a point where I can say and show them that I’m doing exactly what I’ve dreamed of. The dreams of our girls are our future. 🙌🏽 We all need those dreams to be big, bold, and truly their own. Let’s keep the conversation going for more than a day... 📷: @brittanireneephotography
Swiss. Feta. Gouda. This card is cheesy!! 😂🧀 NEW CARD coming to @goodinstore I own my cheese-ball self and what better way to share the cheese than in a card?? When I thought of this concept, I imagined the crumbled blue cheese chatting with the Havarti block and the Swiss piece at a cocktail party. Personifying objects is so fun! #goodinstore
My heart finds such solace in this Gospel passage. The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. 💕 I have felt the pangs of rejection, haven’t we all to some extent? God’s love brings us back every. single. time. If you love to have Scripture on your digital devices? Head to @blessedisshe__ today and find my collab with @bluecloudartstudio for phone and desktop!!
Getting in on #WorldSmileDay with all my favorite foods bringing their cheer!! These characters have made their way into new @goodinstore products!! Any guesses where or on what you’ll see them? #parscaeliwords
It's always a good time to share beauty. 🎨 Happy Wednesday! #womenartists this week show off fine detail work and watercolor blends and sweeping strokes. Tap and follow nine incredible artists. #womensupportingwomen
October's @goodinstore calendar page reads, "Go where you feel most alive." I'm finishing up the 2018 desk calendar, and I'd love to have your help!? Wanna join my roundtable of awesome? This is a new FB group of lovelies who can offer opinions and get free stuff. 💕 That's a lovely idea, right? Comment or message me (IRL friends can join, too) by tomorrow morning. We're getting the party started! 🎉
Words of John Green.

It hurts. #prayforvegas
It's okay to feel this deeply. Let's stay tender, stay soft. (Thanks for these words, @glennondoyle) Let's stick together. I don't have the right words to say more than lives matter. Those lost to shootings, natural disasters, injustices, and negligence.

And if you're ever in doubt, You Matter. Even and especially when you're hurting. #parscaeliwords #mentalhealthawarenessmonth
Oh, the possibilities!! What a beautiful fall day we had. Brisk, crisp temps are a refreshing and welcome change. We purchased our first round of gourds and pumpkins. Check out all the colors in stories!
Letting go. Fall is a season in nature of ending and release. Why not embrace it for ourselves? In IG stories, I'm talking about letting go of grudges we hold for ourselves. This is a good season/week/day/moment to let that hurt go... just as the leaves are showing us. So beautifully. #parscaeliwords
Taking this week's to do list to a new medium! #coloredpencil Thanks to the team at @maydesigns for featuring my work on their feed today! Let's make sure to replenish the well this week, friends. And check out May Designs for cute custom notebooks like this one I tailored to my own loves of blue/stripe/hand-drawn polka dots! #maydesigns #parscaeliwords #thisweekstodolist
The Wednesday #womenartists post that almost wasn't. I started this series a year ago to use my feed, however meager or awesome my feed might be, to spread the great work of women artists all over the world. 💕 Community is where it's at. Some weeks I know I'm repeating myself, falling all over artists I've introduced before. Some weeks artists don't see the post or (thank you algorithm adjustments) most of my followers don't see the post. // But I don't curate these groups because I want more followers, more comments. These moments of engaging with art, the incredible privilege it is to see someone's beautiful work (free, in my own handheld device) is a gift to me. Following 💯of artists is a super treat. I invite you to indulge in beauty and light and form. Tap and see more art!
Sticks and stones. They break bones and names do hurt. 😘 Sending extra kindness to lovelies hurting. 💕 That asterisk will get you. It is always possible to be kind. Our unisex @goodinstore tee is in stock again. Where there is hatred, let me sow love. 💕
The cool tones of ornamental kale against the warm colors of fall leaves? Yes!! 🍃🍂 We have these pretty rosettes on our front porch, and I'm a big fan. What's your fave fall flower or plant?
Lin-Manuel Miranda has added a lot of beauty to the world, and I'm a big fan of his encouragement, these words. I kinda want to make a beautiful pink coffee mug ☕️ with this on it to get me ready for the day! You know what I mean? #linmanuelmiranda #parscaeliwords
Y'all know I love me a fresh bouquet of flowers 🌺 I also love these words I hand lettered from Matisse. "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." 🌸 You can get this card *FREE* in my latest blog post on Gingiber (I also tell you why I hoard glass bottles). Looking for the flowers today. Some might call them weeds, but we see their beauty.