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Can't even shit in peace

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Sunday Funday With My Lighter Skinned Doppelgängers
Meanwhile, Joe Being Extra Nasty While I Nearly Puke In My Reg..Sunday's Are Tight
Snagged A Bomb Shot Of @joe4cab Being A Nasty Dude In Between Boozing This Weekend🇺🇸
Shout Out To My Boys Over At The Garage For Getting Dexter Hooked Up Last Week. #YouDirtyBastards
Deployment Vids For Daysssss
Courtesy Of The Talented @leigha_mae
Me And My Dude Dexter Be Getting Turnt Tf Up! Coming To A City Near You!
And That's All She Wrote! First Deployment In The Books! #IAmBackYall
Getting Ready For Our Homecoming Like..
Got To Fire This Massive Cannon Of A Rifle A Couple Weeks Back. Can You Say Freedomboner?
Wasted But Still Representing. Ohio Proud With My Boys
45 Days Out To Sea Deserves A Fucking Beer. Hope We Never Have To Do This Again.
Going To Miss All These Guys And Many Others Not Pictured
Following The Footsteps Of Giants. My Buddy Lobo Looking Iconic Next To The Colors. Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!
Working Through These Overhangs Today