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Hey little pops of colour on an otherwise grey and dreary day... I see you. #amsterdaminautumn
"The soul is healed by being with children." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I don't think this is strictly true for everyone because I've been learning recently just how wild and irrational and chaotic and noisy two year olds can be, but for me, as your mother, when I watch you chase pigeons or play in a single muddy puddle for nearly half an hour then yes, my often restless soul is soothed.

Fairly sure Paula Radcliffe would stop halfway through a run take a pic of rowers gliding along a grey and gloomy river... #runBirdierun
Every time I visit Utrecht I like it a bit more... Watch out Amsterdam. #BirdiedoesNL
I have nothing witty or wise to say today I just wanted to share a photo of my boy having all the fun in a ball pit. Also colour. #BabyBirdMoments (PS Happy Friday!x)
"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree..." - Emily Brontë
This is a photo of Amsterdam on a very sunny blue-skied day... Today is not that day. #amsterdamonaboat
Back with my boy and it feels so good. I'm amazed how much more upbeat and energised I am hanging out with him today after that time away mainly just focused on myself and my work (despite so little sleep while away). I wish I'd known earlier that doing things on my own, pursuing my professional and creative goals, and taking time away from being a mum would actually make me a better parent... Or at least feel like one because let's be honest that's a very subjective term. Personally, I think happy parents are the best parents, and I know I need regular time on my own working, writing or just plucking my flipping eyebrows in order to feel happy, balanced and at ease. That and eight hours of sleep, a healthy(ish) diet and the odd glass of wine... #BabyBirdMoments
And the snow arrived just as I was getting ready to leave... I think this means I have to come back. Possibly with my snowboard. And the rest of the family too, I guess. Always amazing to be back in @tirol and Austria. I'll be back very soon, so keep the snow coming and the (surprisingly good Austrian) wine flowing... #STSKitzbuehel
Always. And for the words you write too. Or the art you create. Or the music you make. Or anything that brings you joy and makes you smile... Soppy but so flipping true. I made @writenowcards so me and other writers never forget it...
Not many people know this but I did a ski season many (many) years ago and I worked in a hotel in a tiny Austrian town an hour away from Salzburg. It was a long, tough winter but it made me develop a soft spot for Austrian hospitality and "gemuetlichkeit". So whenever I'm back in Austria, staying in a beautiful and cozy hotel like this one, I'm a very happy lady... And I love folding my duvet sideways in three to make the bed 😊. So good to be here for #STSKitzbuehel
Servus from Austria! I always forget how green it is here in the Tirolean Alps before the snow arrives... Feeling really lucky to be here for #STSKitzbuehel even if I'm missing Baby Bird far too much.
Think I'm going to add this spot to my next round-up of fairly decent views in Amsterdam... Noiiice! (And the food was ace too with a ton of veggie/vegan and gf options too 👍) #amsterbirdie
I could almost hear these clouds marching in and eating up the blue sky...
Alright, alright, I'll admit it. It's not completely awful to be back here again. Amsterdam, I've missed you.