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They think that we're no one
We're nothing, not sorry
They push us
It's too late, it's too late
Not going back
The Paris Catacombs Fountain. This roon was hidden so deep! Pretty cool. Rly clean water drips out from the wall and into this fountain
- also super happy that @unilad shared my video :D
Have you guys seen the new Paris Catacombs video? I found some crazy stuff and jammed out to the people insode with some anime music 😂 link in bio or story!
UK roadtrip has been amazing
rip chateau de noisy..19th century neo gothic castle. Sad to see this will be gone soon, this type of architecture is rare.

Took this with my mavic :) #dji #djimavic
new video is up, abandoned french military aircrafts :) link in bio or ig story
one of the coolest abandoned asylums I've ever explored
New video is up! Explored an abandoned asylum in Italy with @brockintheworld @urbextyrol & @exploringwithjosh and found a persons body?! Link is in bio or Ig story 😲
New Video Is Up! Link is in bio!
:) this place was dope!
exploring crew all day. Conquering places since the start with my bro @exploringwithjosh so many crazy experiences we've shared, we grew up in tiny ass towns nearby eachother being nobody except bboy, anime, videogame nerds and ended up exploring all over the world. We wont stop. Cya in the next adventure.
Photo credits to the homie @brockintheworld
pretty crazy experience to be looking up at a tower of real human skulls & bones deep in the Paris a lot of bone dust on me >_> lol
the flower room
- inside the Paris catacombs (no not the legal tour 😆)
abandoned wwii planes. Bomber, cargo, and jet
Drone shot :)