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"No matter where you go, BMX will always be family." Truer words cannot be spoken. After 27 years of living in jersey/pa, I will be officially leaving the east coast. I will be on a road trip with @baboon_ir to Salt Lake City, UT in about three weeks, after which I will be calling Utah my new home. If you're reading this, and you'd like to see me before I go, give me a shout and we can spend some time, otherwise, it's been real! 📷 @theworldisyoures #bmx #bikes #180 #fun
I absolutely cannot thank @thejoshbabu enough for allowing me to come experience @woodwardcamp for the first time in what seems like forever! Had a great couple of days, and will hopefully get the opportunity again next year!
Today was my first time downhill mountain biking! This photo sums up the end of a great evening riding with @stevie____v definitely hit the hardest technical downhill trail second run and flipped over my bars. Had a blast though, after that initial fear of falling went away. Had such a great day! #mtb #deervalley #utah #bikes