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Hell yeah!!!

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✂️✂️Binding contract✂️✂️
Beauty hurts, or how to pin and sandwich a king size quilt by yourself. #sewing #quilting
First time knitting in 5 months. I've lost speed and dexterity but I'm ok with it - because my wrists, shoulders, neck, and elbows are no longer in pain 90% of the time.
My heart bleeds for this. @joannedavies79 I'm sure you're also hurting. Early Reports hint to him deliberately doing it... I hope long depression didn't get the best of him after so many years. #ripchriscornell
SLANDER. All of it. .
{{credit on the image}}
New starts. #stitchrovia #stitchroviasal .
I also wrote some stuff on the blog if you find yourself wanting to read some ramblings.
Yesterday's #EPP adventures as a single post. Stupid text got trimmed but you get the gist. If you don't, hit Comment 😘
:::this is your brain on jet lag induced insomnia::: Attempting the @lottieandalbert blanket because there's never enough vast squares of warmth.
When I saw the London mug 2 weeks ago I was pumped! But this is so awesommmmeeee!!!!
The coldest day I've experienced since we moved to California. Had to be in Leeds.