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First day if kindergarten and 3rd grade for Eli and Ben
I know I haven't edited anything in a long time (this is an old pic from when @unitedbyedit2 had to be made because the main account was down) and am not even on IG that much anymore but I just heard that earlier this week @jflex who founded @unitedbyedit passed away.

United by Edit along with @applifam and those that were in the @edits_r_us crew always really helped push my as an editor and gave an excellent creative output to a great many of us for a very long time. Even if you didn't follow them or participate in their challenges you were influenced by the creativity that UBE helped foster in the digital art community by the people you followed that they helped to influence.
Olivia's math class made a putt putt course that we got to go and try out today.