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There’s just something so sad about this. Wasted breakfast.
Couldn’t party so walked to the gym instead. Day 2: sponsered by the spawn of the beast. #halfmarathonman
I believe that if you make something public, you gotta pretty much gotta stick with it or you're a jerk. Here are my aspirations, hopes, dreams, if I can cross a few of those off, I'll be really happy. #fakeittillyoumakeit #hardwork #whynot
Alright school work, I'm comin for ya with full ferocity!
#obscuredtitle #act1ofhowmany?
Sometimes I decide to skip my acting homework and just make sweet synth space pop with @malcoregalore. We are 24th century space kids!
Just dropped a few dimes on myself, every guy should have one tailored suit. #mannersmakethmotherfuckers
Up the pass, over the mountain and home by noon. A Good morning.
I'm entirely too self conscious in life about what other people think, yes, it was probably trolling! #thankyouforthekindwords
Billionth time I've gone through this collection, I was already going through it again this week.
Fractured. Rough. Dry. Poetic. Seasoned. Real.

The theatrical worlds that I belong in.
Rest in Power.