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😍 I get to join these beautiful folks in the fine state of Wisconsin in the coming weeks. I love my extended family 😁
100% of 50% is 50% thus there is no such thing as telling half the truth or a part of it because you never started with the whole thing.
#loveandlearn #leadandlearn
Three 15-20 minutes sessions (approx. 1 hour total) earns you a certificate and a professional reference. ServiceWorks Online is for young adults,16-24 years old, and walks them through developing project management & leadership skills (among a multitude more). Ask me for more details. Availability ends August 1, 2017.
@paisleyanne09, my dance partner for life. Special guest appearance by adorable little cousin
#dancingwiththestars #icanthelpfallinginlovewithyou
Why am I not a backup dancer? Or a frontdown dancer? Is that a thing?
@foreverfamorg thanks @covenanthousega for inviting us to deliver the @iamserviceworks program to their remarkable youth! These volunteers and our team (staff & Georgia State University interns) led participants in service projects benefiting Ahimsa House.