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Class project using @baronfig's #Unfinish notebook. Over 40 students signed up to take a turn creating something in the notebook.
Writing letters using pen and ink. A simple experience but my students remember it for years. #tigers2mustangs #mcr1pride
When the high school kids come back to NJH and play with the junior high kids they add to our great school heritage. They make me proud to be a graduate of MCHS and NJH. #mcr1pride #tigers2mustangs
I turn 48 in August and I have to work hard this summer to get ready for next year's open gym. #mcr1pride #tigers2mustangs #everydaycarry
Using technology doesn't always isolate. Sometimes it helps foster collaboration f2f. #edchat #mcr1pride
Building the framework that will help them become more independent learners. #mcr1pride #thisiseverydayeducation