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October Moonrise. This Friday at 6:15 PM. Event details in profile. #moon #mtl
September 24 - During a crescent Moon, it might not look like the Moon is all there, but it *is* all there.
Sept. 18, 2017 - Timelapse of the last sliver of the Moon. And Fleetwood Mac.
September 10 - See? I wasn't lying. When the Moon first rises, it's red, and then slowly turns white.
Besides the eclipse, the other highlight was the chaos on the streets the night before, as people awaited the Cosmic Circus coming into town. See ya, Nashville.
It was about this time during the eclipse that the sky began falling dark and the cicadas started going nuts.
Just before sunrise, the last slivers of the crescent Moon and Venus. 2 days until the Sun and Moon meet. This post is brought to you by the all-new 2017 Nissan Sentra. Nissan: Built for the Human Race.
Reporting LIVE from Nashville: "Holy shit, it's hot here."
Solar eclipse starts one week from now. Here's me from 2008 in Nunavut, watching the end of the total solar eclipse. It was cloudy. Eclipse revenge in 7 days.
7 Year Old: "Tu parles français?"
Me: "Un peu de français, oui."
7 Year Old: "YAAAYYY! ... I only speak English."
August 9 Moonrise Timelapse - If it weren't for that one goofball who walked in front of the telescope, this would have been almost perfect.
August 8 - It's not perfect, but after 4 years of organizing Moonrise events, I finally got the photo I wanted that entire time. Thanks telescope!
From last night's Moonrise event. The telescope was likely pointed at that bald guy's head.
Come watch the Full Moon rise on the horizon tonight! Full details link in bio. #mtl
I stayed in a Bob Ross painting this weekend. That tiny point of light at the top is Venus.
July 25th. Just a sliver of a young, daytime Moon.
Don't think I've ever been this excited for protective eyewear.