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The cause of envy, hate, misunderstanding & war. I live for peace ✌🏾 in peace 💆🏽. Be Guided 🙏🏽
Cause ur mommas got it going on. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ @sexxxygg she's someone's granny 👶🏽X••••
Ninja 🥋⚔️baby 👶🏽 turtle 🐢 turtle 🐢
Happy 🎂Birthday to these lots crazy 😜 auntie @s_hermosa technically my first kid
🎖Star Girl. We about to land amongst the stars 🌌 ⭐️overall all average of +90%. Keep making us proud 🙏🏽 Love ❤️ U always 😘 Daedae #Redo.
She gave me The Drama 🤦🏽‍♀️ doing these photos. Nonetheless. Happy Fathers Day to our Favorite 🥁Drummer 🥁 @mr_downie #drummer
Happy Fathers Day to this Boo Thang. So many words to describe him..........
Me and Mataya 👯
4years later according to Facebook. Our relationship has produced this cutie. Looking forward to the next step. ENJOYING THE MOMENT
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY/ GRANDMOTHERS DAY 👵🏽 Gina she is really that old. She just don't look it or act it!!! BLESS UP GG one more any day now LOVE KEOLA & ANDAE & ?👩‍👧‍👧Sophia & MADDEN👩‍👦& D'Vario 🏃🏾 the work out king LOL. #hotmomma
#bellypainting done. Thanks to GG.. All pre-delivery task ✅ completed. Now just to make it to May🎉
This was really beautiful day. I was no more good. Thanks. All.
HELLO PEOPLE did you miss our last event. Well no need to stress we are going again. Saturday March 11 at BAA GYM 6-9pm. All entry $5, 1 hour skate rentals $10. If you wish to bring a small group 10-15 let me know. We will have door prizes. #bermuda #bda
Take Me Back Tuesday. #vegas 🍻to a great night. When the future looks bright💡#hvd2017
Happy Birthday Rita Girl!!! I stay in lalaland 🍭🦄🌻✨Thinking of you. XoXo Forever Loving You. Best Granny Eva #cardibvoice
💕🦄Happy 7th Birthday to my #1 all time Favorite Girl DaeDae. Love 💜u forever and alway 🦄💕
Took them 5min to buy out the whole place. Don't mind the purses are full.
I pray we have a outstanding year. She has the smarts 📚 & heart💜. Keep up the good work. DAEDAE!!!