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ydofrhs 282w ago
((tatts all over my neck-tatts all down yo arm)).....
  • I miss you cuzzin you gone come to my baby shower ??

  • ydofrhs 282w ago

    I can't believe u bout to have ah Kidd...but if your invite'n me den I guess so.... Smh lol

  • This used to be my mommy ring tone.

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ydofrhs 278w ago
Dis wasnt even everybody tho lol
ydofrhs 278w ago
I love my big brother to death...he makes me sick at time but nobody can cum between dis brother & sister love....
ydofrhs 278w ago
Awwww shit... Big bro Donsha gettin it started...
ydofrhs 278w ago
Fresh cut for da Boi Steve'o.... Anuther day at da shop...
ydofrhs 278w ago
My movie pick for tonite.....