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  Posted: May 23, 2012 12:13 AM FEED
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Posted: Sep 30, 2017 8:39 PM
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Remember the...... time we invaded Mexico?
Posted: Sep 2, 2017 10:32 PM
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Thanks to the whole #Bassnectar family for a great night! #cashmerecat
Went to the FIFA World Football Museum today in Zurich. It was pretty amazing
Creepin' on Dunleavy's popped collar and Mike Frey at Pukkelpop
Posted: Aug 18, 2017 1:23 PM
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Viking ships, panoramic views from a ski jump and an AMAZING home-cooked traditional Norwegian meal. Thanks for everything, Oslo!
Posted: Aug 16, 2017 10:20 PM
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Long post alert - Being abroad while this turmoil takes over the US is weird, because I'm still getting my news, people everywhere are talking about it and asking my opinion; but I felt a bit detached from the situation (other than the overwhelming shame that any sane person would feel.) Then, without warning, I was hit face to face with an authentic nazi flag from 1941 today in a museum in Oslo. It was an emotional floodgate and whatever distance I felt disappeared.
1 - Flags and symbols have meaning. Strong meanings. You can tell me what "that flag means to you," but you'll never override the original meaning and intent of that flag, be it nazi, confederate or anything else.

2 - It was in a museum, the proper house for it, along with a, well, museum of the atrocities that go along with that flag. We should never erase history, obviously. But the genuinely dark parts need to be available for the public to see accompanied with the proper 20/20 vision that comes with time.

3 - The Resistance for good will always prevail in the end. Whatever defense the enemy comes up with will lack any moral fiber, which inherently lacks a spine. When that is realized, they will see that they are walking backwards off a cliff as we stand on the rock of moral truth, not pushing them off, but waiting for them to wake up and reverse. Some will, some won't.
Either way, if this is what the present looks like at the moment, I'm making damn sure the future looks better and brighter for my son and staying thankful that he can't remember these things yet.
I just went through the Norwegian Resistance Museum, which chronicled the Nazi German occupation of Norway. It was heavy, saddening, humbling and inspiring all at the same time. Unfortunately, as an American, it was suddenly relevant as well. It detailed the Norwegians insistence on being on the right side of history. Right now, if you are silent, then you have spoken. Stand up for what is right, good and true. Resist.
Just a penis-swan chillin, nothing weird. #thanksoslo #penisswan
Posted: Aug 12, 2017 10:53 PM
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Gothenburg, I like you.
Posted: Aug 4, 2017 2:07 PM
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Pickathon got off to the best start possible with Charles Bradley last night. #pickathon #charlesbradley