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Mars opposite Chiron // I just told myself not to post this because everyone is tired of seeing the #metoo meme. I am always amazed at how the internal oppressor and misogynist in me sneaks in so quickly and unconsciously. Today as Mars is opposite Chiron by one degree I am reminded of the wounded masculine in all of us. The one that assaults and uses violence. Feeling so much gratitude to the many women and men who have come forward sharing their stories. 🙏🏼 #Mars #Chiron #violence #trauma #assault #heal #collectivehealing 📷 @astrologyangelmediums
13 new moons a year, 13 menstrual cycles a year (Proto-Indo-European me(n)ses- meaning "moon, month"), and 13 members in a coven. A lucky number indeed. #lucky #friday #freyjasday #thirteen #fridaythethirteenth #numerology 📷 @chaninicholas
Freyja on her day (Friday and the 13th) and also because it has been far too long since I posted a picture of my cat 😻#freyjasday #goddess#kitty #catlady #purrbaby #furbaby #witch
Looking for a Jupiter into Scorpio deep dive? @the_numinous has a great guide featuring myself and other astrologers on what to expect over the next year as Jupiter makes its way through the watery alchemist Scorpio. Here is my blurry blurb: This planetary shift offers us an opportunity to truly explore our darkness and the places we prefer to hold in the shadows, both collectively and personally. Scorpio asks us to dive deep into our psyche and our soul, and Jupiter asks us to use these deep dives to propel us towards an ideal society.

It’s time to birth a new moral stance on society’s power struggles. My hope is that we can use this cycle to empower all levels of society by fully acknowledging our shadow and the damage overconsumption has caused our planet, considering universal income, and envisioning a version of society that uplifts oppressed populations.

#jupiter #scorpio #thenuminous #feel #heal #deep #dive #depths #vulnerable to @the_numinous
So surreal and ominous, the fiery skies of the Bay. Thoughts and prayers for those who have lost their homes, am looking for places for donations if anyone has recommendations! #northern #napa #sonoma #fire 📷 @tuanner
SUN & MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO // Pluto navigates the realms of the underworld, shadow, and darkness. Those with unintegrated Pluto’s or without prominence in the natal chart often have difficulty with fearing intensity, power dynamics, or themes of the taboo. Pluto with the Sun natally or in transit, reminds us of the inevitable Life/Death/Life cycles of ourselves and all of existence. With Mercury, it often allows for an ability to speak easily about sex, death, power, or vulnerability. In a more difficult combination, such as a square it may reveal itself more shadow expressions of obsessive thinking or insatiable desire to get to the bottom of things. Pluto invites us into our own unique nkeyia (Jung’s term for the descent into the underworld) in service of our growth as it towards self-destructive behaviors or on a more elevated expression find solace in the transformative process of identity and vulnerability. Though the most beautiful lessons of Pluto remind us to surrender to the penetration of our own depth and spirit. #pluto #depth #kundalini #tantra #sun #mercury #communicate #obsess darkness #shadow 📷 @coreessencetantra
Perfect Venus square Saturn sentiments...these two planets in difficult relationship (a square aspect versus a trine) often evokes a sense of love being unreachable or pain around it. As a natal Venus-Saturn person it took me a long time to be able to notice availability and relationships that were healthy for me versus seeped in insecurity or unrequited feelings. Venus and Saturn when in elevated expression are the slow burn of love (Venus) that grows with time (Saturn) and an attraction to relationships and people that are supportive, committed, and with mutual respect. #venus #saturn #attraction #love #work #care #intimacy 📷 rp @third_eye_thirst
Happy Venus Day! Perhaps the most Taurusean lunch I have ever eaten: Rose/lavender drinking cacao, salad with rose vinaigrette, and lavender/honey pie. HEAVEN. And got to see the magical @justuskitchen Thanks @danamarienielsen for rec and @thewellcafe_oakland for making my food dreams real. #lunch #salad #cacao #rose #lavender #eatflowers #taurus #bulls #greens
INDEPENDENCE & IRRITATION :: FULL MOON ARIES // 11:40 A.M. PT, 2:40 ET // The full moon is my favorite time of the month as it is about embodying (Moon) a new way of being (Sun). It’s the pinnacle of a new moon cycle and the point when emotions, untampered by the sun’s solar rays of consciousness, run high. The full moon invites us into a new emotional awareness that may have been unconscious before. For me, the full moon is also a time of emotional attunement and self-care rituals for practicing embodiment.
And when you combine the feeling sense (Moon) with the fire of Aries, things are bound to get interesting. Aries moon tends towards compulsivity (I should know with my natal Aries Moon), it craves action and inspiration and independence. Though the shadow side can lend itself to aggression, agitation, and violence. Guns and cars are also associated with Mars and the impulse to harm or go fast...the classic yang energy without brakes. Aries energy when elevated is enthusiastic, ambitious, optimistic, and passionate. Though watch out for its ability to get bored easily, be dominating, compulsive, impatient, or agitated.
Opposite the Moon in Aries is the Sun in Libra next to Mercury. It highlights the ability to talk about relationships or shine a light on where there is an imbalance or possible people-pleasing. It encourages fairness before taking action and warns against over-analyzing.

Pluto’s tension-filled square with the moon may bubble up a feeling of being “too much.” The forcefulness of the emotions with moon in Aries combined with intensity of Pluto, invites us into diplomatic communication (Sun and Mercury in Libra)

Move your body to move the e-motion: take a kickboxing class, go rock climbing, go for a run, or have a dance party (Aries wants action)
Read books about psychotherapy or shadow work (Pluto needs depth and Mercury likes to read)
Do an enema (I really can't even believe I am suggesting this, but the bowels relate to Pluto and I couldn't resist)
Make time for sexual self-love (Mars love to get turned on) 📷: @reginafelice #fullmoon #lunatic #moonlover #lover #witch #wildwoman #aries #oluto #mercury #libra
"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."-C.G. Jung (one of my favs and always a good reminder for my wild heart who loves the dark) #jung #depth #pluto #hell #root #heaven #grow
My natal Aries Moon is getting all fired up between Trump's continuous idiotic comments on Puerto Rico, legislation regulating abortions and a woman's right to choose, and the horrific events in Las Vegas. Ready for the fall...#fallofpatriarchy #season #witch 📷 @qulturecollective
October is for many ways to connect to Earth and Ether with Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, Halloween. Side note: October comes from the word for "eight" as it was the 8th month in the Roman calendar, as the year began in March. Yet another reason why our modern Gregorian calendar doesn't make much sense...I often wish we were on the Hebrew calendar so the mo{o}nths would correlate to the actual moon. 🌙😬🌟💕#month #moonth #witches #seasons #phases #cycles 📷 @sanctuarywrld
My Cancer rising and North Node never seem to tire of this view...#ocean #crab #cancer #greatmother
MERCURY INTO LIBRA & VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE // Today is a good day to talk about love and the energy of the "hopeless" romantic. Mercury in Libra offers a prime time to talk about love and partnership as its desire for an other for balance and harmony is often projected externally instead of internally. One of my favorite quotes by author Robert Johnson whom I think was speaking exactly to Venus and Neptune in the natal, synastry, or composite charts when he wrote this. The ideas of romantic love are often wrapped up in the exquisite confusion of placing idealization of someone as our version of "God." It creates dynamics of expectation, major attachment issues and a version of co-dependency. Neptune creates fantasy and Venus lives into them through connection and people-pleasing. The healthy expression of Venus and Neptune together is to fully see someone and be seen with the lenses of both illusion and reality. To love in a way without abandoning or losing ourselves. It is worshiping our lovers as both divine and human and reclaiming our relationship to being romantics (without the “hopeless” part). #romantic #venus #hopelessromantic #robertjohnson #neptune #lostinlove
Feeling my inner romantic today with those Venus opposite Neptune vibes. Also, this rose smells like heaven. #neptune #rose #venus #lover #swet #romantic
SF Wild Woman Series // The beauty of integration...that we don't have to split ourselves between wild nature and our "goodness" or loyalty. The Wild Woman Series in San Francisco is an opportunity for self-identified wild women to gather and deep dive into the wild woman archetype. The next course begins Wednesday, October 4 in SF and focuses on major themes (i.e. creativity, sexuality, sovereignty, etc.) from Clarissa Pinkola Estés' "Women Who Run with the Wolves." Each week will explore a different myth from an archetypal, depth-psychology perspective grounded in somatic exploration. Details: *Wednesdays 7:30-9pm
*Six-week series from October 4-November 8
*Flood Building: Wild Woman Therapy (870 Market St, Suite 919)
All self-identified women welcome! Link in bio for more info. #wildwoman #wolves #wildwomanseries #womenempowerment #wildwomansociety repost @indijam And @r.h.sin
Warm nights were made for outdoor astrology sessions with @reginafelice --- THIS WOMAN ⭐️ It's summer in SF and tonight I got to learn more about the stars and myself with @wildwitchofthewest 👯 ☕️ I don't believe in horoscopes because you can't put people in buckets, ever... but you can have your super knowledgeable astrologer help you navigate your birth chart and that shit's wild. 🦋🌙 #soulsister #tools #astrology #sanfrancisco #northbeach