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Missin my best friend too much tonight, New York be good to her! She’s my queen!
A big happy birthday to my best friend, I’d do anything for this woman. It’s your 21st, and I’m so grateful to be part of your life for this milestone. I love you with my entire being, here to another year of happiness. 🥂❤️🍑
#MCM because I got a serious manly crush on you.
So grateful for the life I live, with you. 🤘🏼❤️💋
Although 95% of the time I wish it was snowing, summer isn't too bad.
Go watch our Ryan Dunn tribute, we love and miss you man. Link in bio! #RipRyanDunn
It's a good night for some softball.
I know it's very late, but happy 20th birthday khage. Love you man! @khage_vick #WusGang
So proud of you, and everything you've done.
Here are some puppies for those of you who are having a case of the mondays.
St pattys was lit, not sure why my inner vampire came out.